Golgo 13

TV (50 eps)
2008 - 2009
Spring 2008
3.548 out of 5 from 1,692 votes
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Duke Tougou - otherwise known as Golgo 13; he's loved by the ladies, hated by his enemies, is enamored with firepower, and can take out a target from several kilometers away. With an arsenal of weapons at his command, Golgo 13 is hired by a variety of people to take down hijackers and more - but he also must protect himself against those who want to take down the legend himself!

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Golgo 13 revolves around and assassin called Duke Togo with GODLIKE precision who accepts jobs from clients and in some cases has to escape from a lot of enemies, cops etc. It dosen't get much deeper than that and its an episodic anime so don't develop a bond to each of the secondary characters because they only make one appearence. Story Considering the manga came out way back in 1968, yes the story is very basic and predictable, what I did like a lot was the manner in which it was presented, the entire episode progressed perfectly and in a lot of cases a huge amount of suspense was built up, but it comes crashing down due to its obvious outcome, Golgo 13  always kills the target. Another good thing about this is that is intended for very mature audiences, it is very realistic (except Golgo's godlike skills), it carries a lot of mature themes which is very relatable to real life. The thing is the plot has no apparant depth, its neatly presented but that is all, I would have actually liked to see a nice story digging deep into Golgo 13's past to show why he is the way he is an a overall story not like taking down mafia bosses every few episodes. There are a few cleaver episodes however that show the cunningness of Golgo 13. Animation This was made in 2008, but it looks like something made in 2004, Im guessing they had a tight budget but the overall animation was very enjoyable. The atmosphere reminds me of Monster very grimm and dark. The character designs were very realistic, which was really nice to see. The fights were very basic nothing too flashy, very down to earth realistic. Well as far as realism goes Golgo 13's skills were really exaggerated, I mean he took shots in harsh wind conditions, from kilometres away, low light intensity even in one episodes managing to curve a bullet off a wave while on a helicopter. Sound Great english dubs, its gonna sound strange but I like the english over the Japanese soundtracks. As far as opening and ending themes go, I like the first opening theme the most it gave a really nice feel to an assassin, the second opening theme made me lose that feeling a bit, ending themes were average ok. Soundtracks were used over and over again after some time they got really boring. Characters Golgo 13  is by far one of the most badass person I have ever seen in anime, he is very silent and speaks only when necessary. He is an assassin who exhibits almost no soul or personality, normally I would just call this laziness of the studio to not give thought to the character, but I'll let it slide this time since it did fit the plot very well The entire show is driven by the secondary characters, they all give off a huge variety of personalities and every epsidoe a new bunch appears this is both good and bad. Good beacuse we see new people so that it doesnt get really boring. Bad beacuse some really good characters are lost. Overall Golgo 13  is a good anime but the plot is the reason why it can be both good and bad, story is predictable but a huge anount of characters are introduced. Only very few audiences will enjoy this anime, those who seek a very mature theme anime should watch this and have a blast, other than that dont watch it. 


There's the old theorem that an infinite number of monkeys randomly typing for an infinite number of years could write the complete worlds of Shakespeare, well give 6 monkeys a couple of weeks and they can out do Golgo 13. Story - 2/10 When I think about it Golgo 13 is one of the first real procedural Anime series I can remember. Each episode focuses on a specific target and is in no way connected to the previous or following episode.   There were so many possibilities to connect episodes, but not even a single aspect of episode X meant anything to episode Y, which really gave you little reason to look forward to the next episode.  Story wise things were okay. Pretty much every single episode was like the next. They'd give a little backstory to the target character, but by episode three or four you knew that meant nothing, as they were dead come the end of the episode. Every episode pretty much followed the same arc, Golgo gets job, we learn that the target is a Gangster, Business man or Politician, Golgo sleeps with random woman, Goglo kills target, rinse and repeat. The dialogue writing for the show was truly horrendous, possibly the worst I can remember in any form of visual entertainment. So much of the dialogue was horribly cliche or just something no one would ever utter, “His (Golgo) body is as hones as Japanese steel and as hard as the Rock of Gibraltar" "He's a fearsome, virile Japanese sniper,” pair that with the stupidity of women throwing themselves at Golgo with lines like "If you won't take my money (proceeds to drop pants)" or " Don't you want my perfect mature body?" It was like the show was written by a horny school boy who was pulling straight Ds in his school work. They also took liberties in the translation, adding political messages that weren't present in the Japanese version, mostly in places where they had no bearing on the show. Just out of the blue someone would criticize the U.S. for something that had no reason to be there. Animation - 5/10 The animation to Golgo is somewhat crude. When I first started watching the series I gave it a double take, "was this made in the eighties?" and I didn't mean that in a bad way. The feel of the series, and it's overall sheen, just felt like a much older anime, despite being very different looking than it's eighties movie. The character designs aren't really much to write home about. It's easy to mistake one person for another as a majority of the characters, sometimes even within the same episode, are drawn to look very much alike. Even though it says they were made by different studios, there is a huge similarity between the characters here and those in Moonlight Mile, be it facial features, body composition or even the coloring often used. One thing that really stood out for me were the backgrounds. They went into great detail to get them accurate to the real places when they could. Many of the episodes take place in New York City and, as a local there, I could actually pick out what they were trying to portray, even when it wasn't a well known spot. The backgrounds also had great depth, which plays into the idea that Golgo is a master marksman that can shoot from unheard of distances. Sound - 4/10 The music in the series leaves much to be desired. Throughout the show there is very little music, and when it is used I believe it's just a rip of five or so seconds from Trigun's Big Bluff  (which makes little sense here as there's nothing "Western" about this series) or your typical suspense bass drum plus one piano chord and a screeching violin.  The Opening and Closing are actually good, though when looking at the series as a whole they might be considered great as they stand out as one of the few good things. There are two openings, the first   isTake the Wave, which sounds very much like a japanese take on late Nineties Post-Grunge Alt Rock, like Hoobastank or Incubus. The second song is very similar in feel, but with a female singer, which sounds absolutely incredible. For the closings they changed things up just about every 12 episodes, with all coming in from completely different genres. The first group of episodes is concluded with Garasu no Haiwei, or Highway of Glass, an acoustic tune that  seems out of place, but also seems to fit perfectly, as it mirrors Duke Togo's demeanor at the end of every episodes, cool and peaceful. The second song is Yume no Hitotsu (One Dream) a female fronted acoustic Alt-Rock song that I actually could see fitting perfectly in FLCL (Which is high praise in the anime world.) The third closing, Sono Egao yo Eien ni, sounds like what would happen if you took a Japanese singer, a classical spaniard musician and threw them into an Eastern European recording studio, interesting, but not a home run. The final song to the series is Mou Kimi wo Hitori ni Sasenai a nineteen eighties dance song if there ever was one. The English voice over work is extremely bad. Sure some of the main guys, like Duke, are okay, but the others are infuriatingly terrible. If you have an accent you shouldn’t sound like a parody of what that accent is supposed to be. The British characters sound like they are straight out of a Monty Python skit about the Victorian Era. Americans are either Brooklyn gangsters, Hollywood dimwits or southern yokels. And while some might try and chalk it up to needing to diversify things, Andrew Love (The voice of Goro in Moonlight Mile) voices a character in almost every other episode, without ever trying to disguise his voice. The same can be said for Greg Ayers (I believe it's him) where he'll be in multiple episodes, often voicing people who he doesn't fit in the slightest, like anyone over the age of fourteen. They also completely gave up on editing the last english episode, leaving such great lines as "Tedward thanks to your gwenerous cwoperation" and "As I was salying" Take out the opening and closing songs and the series would get a solid Zero for sound. Characters - 1/10 There are only two reoccurring characters in the series, Duke Togo (Golgo) and his firearms maker Dave McCartney. Every other character was a one off Gangster, Stripper or Assassin, all with no personality and no thought put into them. Well it's not as if Golgo has either other those things. All we know is he's the greatest sniper ever and can do things that aren't physically possible (even being a great sniper doesn't mean you can alter the ability of a bullet continuing at a constant speed through multiple objects, they don't teach you physics manipulation in sniper school.) We also know he has no compassion for anyone, he'll sleep with you and shoot you the next second, and if you're an innocent bystander who can identify him, you're as good as dead. Granted we've come to adore such antiheroes, but he doesn't have the rare good traits about him like popular anti-heroes such as Tony Soprano or Walter White had, he's just an assassin who will do anything to get his money. Dave is the typical weirdo, loner, madman scientist (or gun maker in our case.) He shows up in a few episodes as a way to explain Golgo's weapons, but much like Golgo himself, he's a completely useless character. Overall - 2/10 Despite my pretty harsh assessment of the show, it's good if you just want to have a mindless series to watch. You can put it on, turn off your brain and watch the pretty pictures. It's shocking how a series as bad as this was given fifty episodes, especially seeing they only put two episodes worth of thought into it.  But seeing how much of today's entertainment fits that description, I can see why. People like the mindless stupidity of a CSI or SVU where, despite having the same exact plot every week, you can watch it and feel fulfilled, because there's no chance you'll miss anything or have to use your brain.

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