Goldfish Warning!

Alt title: Kingyo Chuuihou!

TV (54 eps)
1991 - 1992
2.86 out of 5 from 57 votes
Rank #5,980

Spoiled, stuck-up Chitose comes from a wealthy family and an expensive school in the city; that is, until her father suddenly dies and his company goes bankrupt. Now with not a single yen to her name Chitose finds herself attending Inakano Middle School in the middle of the countryside where even animals are admitted as students! When the family lawyer attempts to steal Chitose’s one remaining possession – her one hundred million yen pink goldfish, Gyopi - Chitose discovers that her father left her a large amount of stocks and shares. However, instead of using the money to return to her previous life, she decides to rebuild the shabby rural school. Now alongside her new friends Wapiko, Kitada and Aoi, Chitose tries to run her new school effectively and outdo her old rivals at Tokaino Gakuen. Though with Tokaino sending spies to the school and games of kick the can in enemy territory, the path to success won’t be easy...

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