Golden Kamuy Season 2

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2018
4.189 out of 5 from 3,877 votes
Rank #345

The high-stakes search for gold continues in the harsh wilderness of Hokkaido! More and more people seek the treasure map, and the race to find its living pieces is brutal as all get-out. War veteran Sugimoto and his guide to the wilds, Asirpa, are hot on the trail, and as long as they stick together through thick and thin—chitatap and miso—they’ve got a shot at finding that gold.

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Golden Kamuy season 2 Is It Really Worth All The Hype? Golden kamuy’s season 2 problems seem to have been hidden under the radar coming off the hype of season 1. The issues I found made me deduct a whole point from season 2 final score. Beginning with the comedy Golden Kamuy’s season 1 comedy was beautiful. It was real as we had friends at a campfire sharing stories and jokes. Building bonds through funny past situations. It covered a wonderful message that even in the hardest of times in a world plagued with war and evil intent. It’s so important to live the moments that remind you what it means to be human. Moving onto season 2. Ahh it’s cursed with poorly timed and repetitive attempts at humour. Asirpas Brain Joke Everytime eating animals becomes the topic of conversation, Asirpa repeats the same “the brains are pretty tastey” IT WASN’T FUNNY THE FIRST TIME, IT’S NOT GONNA BE FUNNY THE NEXT 20 TIMES YOU SAY IT. Sorry for the outburst but it gets old fast. Cikapasi’s Boobie Joke Cikapasi travels with Inkarmat the fortune teller and Genjirou Tanigaki. During their travels they pretend to be Cikapasi’s parents as to stay hidden from the 7th diverson and to avoid raising any suspicion. Cikapasi is filled with hormones as he grows into a teenager “hey we have all been there right” that seems to be the creators mentally on how we will relate to this character and his addiction of touching Inkarmat’s boobs. It’s just not funny and weird. What makes it even worse is the fact that Cikapasi basically yells about it in public. Since their travelling under the cover of a family, it adds to the creepy factor of it. Moving Onto The Poorly Timed Comedic Attempts Covering what started out as a great action scene, we had our heroes running from the 7th division with Otonoshin Koito leading the way. Our heroes are forced to jump onto an air balloon to escape. Otonoshin Koito jumps for the air balloon as it’s slowly taking off, his jump misses and then he starts swimming in the air to reach the air balloon. I was shocked at the poor attempt at humour with a scene ripped right out the Looney Toons. In what could have otherwise been a great location for a fight scene. Otonoshin Koito then atops the balloon to fight Saichi Sugimoto. At this point it could have been two monkeys fighting at the top. My immersion was completely killed after that display. Comedy Attempts Involving Nudity There are two scenes in this season both involving male nudity. We find ourselves at Episode 20: Blue Eyes. Our heroes are under attack by a locust swarm and are forced to take shelter. With nothing to do they decide to cook the otter meat they have with them. Apparently otter meat gives off a lust aroma when cooked, resulting in the men suddenly finding themselves attractive and they decide to sumo wrestle and no I’m not making this up. This was just an uncomfortable scene to watch and was out of character and goes against the personalities built for them. Then we look at the second scene covering nudity in episode 21: The Sound Of An Ambush. Here all the male characters in the main party visit the hot springs. And they get attacked which is a good time to strike. This was all fine until every chance the creators had they would put mushrooms infront of the naked men. It’s like they couldn’t help themselves at making yet another poorly timed attempt at comedy. The Direction Of The Story What I enjoyed about Golden Kamuy season 1. Was the different fractions all from different backgrounds chasing after the tattoo skins. In order to obtain the hidden gold. Season 2 decides to do a complete 180 with the story here. Six fakes of the skin tattoos get created. So everyone decides to join together hoping to determine how to tell what’s a fake skin. Despite the fact that they were all trying to kill each other a few days ago. “You know the old saying water under the bridge and all that” It’s even worse when in Hyakunosuke Ogatas case who attacks Asirpa’s home Ainu village, treating to kill her loved ones. Both Asirpa and Sugimoto are informed of this when they return to the village by Genjirou Tanigaki. Once they join forces Ogatas attack on the village is only mentioned once by Sugimoto and then they all just get buddie buddy with each other and just trust each other without questioning it. This didn’t make sense to me and took away the whole point of Golden Kamuy. Asirpa gets strangely close to Tatsuuma Ushiyama over the span of one episode. When just an episode before he was trying to kill Sugimoto. I think they were going for the hidden big friendly giant thing here. But it just ruins Sugimoto’s and Asirpa relationship. It’s almost like she’s too easily trusting. Despite being displayed as a more guarded personality type in the first season. Resulting in the audience questioning her character at least in my case. Pasting Issues There are two episodes back to back. About rescuing Yoshitake Shiraishi from the 7th diversion. I felt like I was watching the same episode on loop with slight differences. It gives off the idea that the creators didn’t know how to fill these 2 episodes and took what they could from the manga to do so. Slight Animation Dip There is a slight animation dip here compared to season 1. You will notice one or two bushes being just drawn without the finishing touches including birds eye views of villages etc. Conclusion My final thoughts Golden Kamuy season 2 is a 7/10. I maybe in an unpopular group with my opinions, but I really feel this season didn’t live up to the hype that season 1 built. Let me know your thoughts on this season and thanks for reading my whole review, I know it’s a long one. 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