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Nov 17, 2015

Ok, so at first, I thought this was going to be a cute, little anime about some kind of romance.  Well, I was surely mistaken.  This anime was so bland and boring that I couldn't even keep watching after the 1st season.  


Ok, so the story follows a 'beautiful' girl named Mimi, who is attempting to be a cool Class President (Iinchou.)  She trys to show girls how to be beautiful to get the man they want.  And somehow, on the way, the MM3 are getting in the way of her being a great president.  She gets to know them, and falls in love with one of them named Ushio.  Ok, so the first problem with this is the subliminal message that you have to be pretty to get a boyfriend.  Every episode is about people being pretty, or girls complaining about how ugly they are compared to her.  I mean, this is downright offensive.  This story is literally teaching young girls that you need to be pretty to be popular and get a boyfriend!  I could go on and on about this, but I'm pretty sure you would just like to read something else about this series.  The next problem with this story is that it is SO bland.  Whenever they tried to put something interesting in, it either is solved in about 5 minutes to one episode or has some really stupid plot twist in it.  For example, Mimi's love interest's old girlfriend comes back, and is talking about confessing her love to her crush.  Sounds like it would be pretty interesting to see them fight, or at least to see them kinda fighting over him, right?  Nope!  It turns out she had the wrong guy, and everything goes back to normal like nothing happened!  I mean with that, I at least suspected that Ushio would figure it out.  Seriously!  Just...no.  Also, it's very annoying how the MM3 are supposed to be getting in her way.  They have literally never gotten in her way.  Maybe twice or so, but half the time they are HELPING her!  How can they get in her way if two of them have fallen in love with her in like episode 9...? Last, the romance in this anime feels WAY too forced.  So I guess she likes him...and he likes her...for some reason...it was just so bland like they were almost pushing them together and forcing them to kiss.  So overall, it was a poor story.  The story and point still existed, but it wasn't well interpreted and got so bland that I was just ready to throw my keyboard out the window.


This is where this anime really hits its terrible point.  Ok, so at first, I thought the animation was going to be cute because of the thumbnail on here and MAL.  When I started watching the first episode, I could notice that the animation was different from others, but it wasn't that bad at first.  And after about 6 minutes, the whole time I was watching this anime, I felt like it was a video game.  The really annoying thing about this animation is that it keeps switching from 3D to 2D.  It doesn't stay consistent.  The 2D looks fine, but the 3D animation in this anime is appauling.  It is terribly well done.  The only reason the animation isn't getting a 0 from me is because of their 2D designs.This animation is way under average, and is honestly just terrible.


So many people say that their voices sound annoying and everything.  However, I think that this is the best point of this anime.  The voices fit the characters well.  The openings and endings were all very well done as well.  It had good sound, but it didn't stand out as amazing to me.  So I'll give it a 7.


Ok, so this is the other low point of this anime.  These characters are all very unlikeable, and it was hard to get attached to one, ESPECIALLY the main characters.  Let's see:

Mimi - A bitch who cares about her looks the most.  She is overly pretty, cheery, and annoying, yet everyone seems to like her.  She is so conceited and really thinks that girls can get guys with their looks only.  It also matters about personality anime.  She was just such an annoying character that I wanted to just take my computer and throw it off of the roof.  The only time I felt that she was interesting was when we heard about her past as a yankee.

Ushio - An emotionless guy who cares about this girl for some reason.  I guess he's supposed to be this huge troublemaker, but he isn't!!! That whole freakin gang is pointless!  The only time they were THAT bad in this anime was the 1st episode when they were trying to leave.  You can't get attached to this guy cause he's that dull.  And his voice actor even did a good job of portraying that he is dull.

The Blondie - He is so forgettable that I forgot his name.  I didn't give a damn about this character at ALL.  I guess he liked Mimi, but I couldn't care less.  He is a bastard who I guess is considered 'princely.'  He isn't, and like the others, he isn't even a troublemaker.

Orange-Haired Guy: Ok, so this guy is the loli of the show I guess.  He is really adorable (the only animated character I could stand in this anime.)  However, his premisis is pretty pointless.  The only things you can remember about this guy is that he likes sweets and once felt the president's boobs...and is a toned-down pervert...ugh.  

And a ton of other characters just want to focus on being pretty!  Again with that stupid message.


This anime isn't a typical shoujo.  It is a disgrace to shoujo and romance.  I can't believe that I wasted 6 whole days watching this anime.  This anime scores a 2/10 for me.  I would give it a 1/10 if it wasn't for the sound, which was quite good.

3/10 story
1/10 animation
7/10 sound
2/10 characters
2/10 overall
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Oct 4, 2010

This review will be mostly as a warning to those interested in watching this anime.

Starting off, the story and characters seem rather average, but I can't say for sure because I could not get past the first episode due to the horrible animation. At first glance, things appear to just be mediocrely drawn in a typical, anime cutesy style; fine. After watching a little more, you start to feel something is strange about the movements of the characters; that's okay, sometimes animation is poor due to a low budget. Then, suddenly it feels like you're watching a late-90s game cinimatic and you realise what the problem is!

Some may be able to keep watching once they figure out the problem or maybe if they don't figure out the problem with the animation, but I personally couldn't. The animation is too awkward. Gravity isn't handled well at all, not to mention anatomy... Considering the average, non-unique premise I decided to drop the anime after one episode.

The story and it's characters may prove to be better or worse than initially thought and the animation could potentially improve (one would hope after 70+ episodes), but I just can't bring myself to find out. I'd rather read the manga (and I think I have since the plot seems TOO familiar).

5/10 story
1/10 animation
9/10 sound
5/10 characters
2/10 overall