Gokujo. Gokurakuin Joshikou Ryou Monogatari

TV (12 eps x 5 min)
2.456 out of 5 from 1,206 votes
Rank #7,762

Aya Akabane is anything but typical. She's arrogant, believes her bra is a fashion accessory that's meant to be worn in public, and takes out her aggression on her closest friends – especially poor Konatsu, who is frequently picked up and spun around by her ponytail. Together with her friends, Aya enjoys an action-packed, event-filled high school life, whether she's trying to steal the panties her friends are wearing or secretly trying to film her classmates' underwater!  

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sophiemoon May 26, 2013
Score 8/10

=Story 5/10= Gokujo has almost no story whatsoever. If this fact is bothersome to you, then turn away now, but if you are alright with it, go watch it--it'll take less than 90 minutes--and see whether or not you liked it; it will be well worth it. I know that I personally was happy with my decision to ignore the general misgivings many citizens of the internet seem to have with this show.  What little... read more

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InstantReplay Jun 6, 2013
Score 2.5/10

Since the show is short, I'll keep this review short. With episodes only five minutes long, you can't really fit in much plot or character development, or anything. Except fan-servce, which is the only thing this show has. If you like ecchi, and really crude humor, then you might get some laughs out of this show. read more

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Gokujo. Gokurakuin Joshikou Ryou Monogatari
  • Vol: 10; Ch: 99
  • 2008 - 2016

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