Gokinjo Monogatari

Alt title: Neighborhood Story

TV (50 eps)
1995 - 1996
3.766 out of 5 from 597 votes
Rank #2,178

Sixteen-year-old Mikako Kouda has two loves in her life: fashion, and her childhood friend Tsutomu Yamaguchi. Though she dreams of creating her own clothing brand someday, Mikako's true desires lie with Tsutomu - but there's a problem: he's dating the voluptuous and highly-sought-after "Body-Ko!" The two longtime companions seem to have feelings for each other, but school, other relationships and additional obstacles continue to stand in their way. Will Mikako and Tsutomu ever be together?

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coffeebreath Mar 16, 2011
Score 7/10

Story Despite its manga serialization in the long-running shoujo monthly Ribon, the Gokinjo Monogatari anime adaptation feels distinctly mature enough to widely appeal to the josei demographic. The premise of Gokinjo Monogatari is remarkably unoriginal and employs various cliches for a yawn-worthy introductory arc... read more

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xxjacobxx3 Jan 2, 2011
Score 2/10

I couldnt get past the first episode. It was just so boring to me. I usually dont like it when people only compare animes, instead of giving me strait up information... since i usually havnt seen the anime that they are comparing it to. But, I am about to do it... (since there are no other reviews) this anime is very similar to paradise kiss. the animation(art style). The characters. The voices. The... read more

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