Godzilla Movie 3: The Planet Eater

Alt title: Godzilla Movie 3: Hoshi wo Kuu Mono

Movie (1 ep x 91 min)
3.09 out of 5 from 490 votes
Rank #4,815

With the earth alliance weakened, Haruo weighs siding with the Exif, whose death cult is summoning a monster that can destroy the world.

Source: Netflix

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Inu230's avatar
Inu230 Jan 17, 2019
Score 6/10

“What if the human race disappeared from this planet and left Godzilla behind, would it still be considered Godzilla then? - Metphies. - This movie picks up with a quick recap of the first two movies and is a nice refresher for those who’ve been awaiting the release of the next installment. However, for the next 40ish minutes viewers are waiting for something to happen that is of actual interest... read more

JadedDragos's avatar
JadedDragos Jan 12, 2019
Score 8.3/10

I was equally disappointed and ok with this one at the same time and that doesn't happen much. First off, animation and sound were great throughout the movie. Each detail was able to be seen and I loved the type of shading that was used through all 3 movies. Music was fantastic and was very moving during the most important parts of this movie. Now story and character wise I think was jumbled in this one. I... read more

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