Goblin Slayer II

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2023
3.823 out of 5 from 4,096 votes
Rank #2,058
Goblin Slayer II

It's fall, and the village's harvest festival is under way. The adventurers spend the time in their own ways: Priestess busy with her duties at the temple, High Elf Archer pouting over a certain turn of events, and Dwarf Shaman and Lizard Priest helping with festival preparations. Goblin Slayer also spends the days without incident, but what is lurking behind the dwindling requests to exterminate goblins, his three visitors, and the upcoming festival?

Source: Yen Press

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The first season of Goblin Slayer was the talk of the town for its edgy content that involved raping monsters and a protagonist who was blinded by his hatred for them. There were lots of discussions about whether the Goblins were born to be evil or if they were raised that way. A lot of people wondered if the protagonist could ever escape this fruitless existence of perpetually killing them, and settle down to have a normal family.Gradually, the interest went away. Everything that could be discussed was discussed and the show was proven to be very shallow with its subject matter. It never attempted to have monsters that could be redeemed, or the protagonist getting development and growing beyond his hatred for them. It became an unconnected line of stand-alone missions where he and his team fight and kill whatever comes their way, while rescuing as many prisoners as they could.It did, however, have a complete arc in terms of the protagonist being accepted by the other adventurers as something other than the guy who only kills one type of monster. And he also defeated the highest rank of Goblins, so power-wise there was nothing beyond that. So, what new things could the second season offer that could move the plot beyond its initial premise and completed arc?The answer is nothing. Nothing new was added. It kept being more stand-alone missions with the exact same characters fighting more low-level monsters. There was nothing new to the flat personality of the protagonist. His platonic romance with the priestess went nowhere as well. The animation was also not as good anymore, and the action toned down considerably. There were, though, missions that fleshed out a few of the secondary characters (especially the elven archer) and new locations were added to the setting. You could say the world became a bit livelier.But as a whole, these additions were peanuts. The second season felt like a generic fantasy adventure without the shock factor of the first one. There was nothing to look forward to, it became a casual watch at best and a time waster at worst. And the truth is, it never was good to begin with. It was always shallow with its characterization (nobody had names and was an archetypical class) and the battle tactics were usually the protagonist magically having just the thing that can get them out of trouble. It was the initial shock and drama, caused by a lot of viewers who were taken by surprise by the rape and gore scenes, that made it feel like it was better than it actually was. Once the shock factor was gone, everyone got accustomed to its style, and the missions toned down in gore, Goblin Slayer became another average and mostly forgettable show. Fans of fantasy games will appreciate it more, as long as they stop saying nonsense like this is exactly how Dungeons and Dragons is like. For everyone else, he can safely ignore it and look for something with more substance.

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