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Jan 13, 2020

While I'm up and down about the Go! Princess Precure series, one recommended to me the Princess movie, if only for the unique approach of presenting a triple feature on Hallowe'en 2015.  Three portions.  Three distinctively different animation approaches, two of which are CGI.  Hallowe'en driving the over-all theme. In the end, one and a-half plotlines wih a fair deal of freedom with the nuances developed into the G!PP concept.

The half-plot is that of the first feature, a five-minute short, Cure Flora and the Mischievious Mirror.  The CGI technique is much like that of the Cure Miracle and Mofurun Magic Lesson short-piece.  It explains the cameo appearance of Cure Flora in that production.  Flora is enamored of her image in a mirror which is manipulated by a pack of sprites.  Mainly pranks and a sweet reminiscence of a comedy routine done by Harpo Marx and Lucielle Ball (SMA ... shows my age).  A prank goes too far and Flora's hairpiece is destroyed.  But the contrite boogies decide to offer Flora an oufit more appropriate to Hallowe'en.

As far as the other two features, The Pumpkin Kingdom's Treasure and Precure and Princess Reppy's Wonder Night, let's call it a case of pete and repeat.  The first uses the animation technique used in the initial Princess episodes and the previous Precure All-Star movie, Haru no Carnival.  The final feature uses the CG-technique used to produce the dance routine that closed the second half of G!PP.  In both, powerful opponents in Warp and the Night Pumpkin creates the havoc.  Kings and queens are captured, princesses hazarded.  The Princess Precures are whisked to otherly-realms to endure as much pumpkin pudding a girl can tolerate.  Princesses take a licking (the soiled bruising of the Pretty Cures are quite pronounced in Wonder Night) and the baddies are ever on the verge of victory.  But, break out those Miracle Lights ... and hasta la vista villains.

In the Go! Princess series, there is the enigma of Cure Flora, and the nature of what a princess must be ... a subtle theme in G!PP.  Mermaid is a girl of wealth and influence.  Twinkle is a girl of fashion and status.  Scarlet is ... well, a legitimate princess, once you discover the true identity of the unfortunate Towa.  But Flora?  Haruka Haruno is a daughter of a middle-class pastry chef.  Her beginnings are humble in comparison.  But her character dominates the features to the point that the other three Princess Precures are neglible.  Three gals the bad-nicks can beat and bludgeon while Flora guides the poor princess of the realm-in-question (Pumpruru and Reppy, who, by the by, was Princess Pumpruru's cherished doll in feature #2 [???]) to ultimate victory.  And the villainous lackeys, the Zetsuborg?  Traditional forms in Treasure, pumpkin-headed soldiers of the Night Pumpkin in Wonder Night.  Warp is a minion of Dyspear.  Night Pumpkin is an adventurer who has usurped he kingdom.  Plotlines all over the place ... and so predictable.

Yes, Grand 3-Part Movie was a unique approach, but nothing all that magical.

7/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.9/10 overall
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