Go! Princess Pretty Cure

TV (50 eps)
2015 - 2016
Winter 2015
3.782 out of 5 from 509 votes
Rank #2,062

The story is set in Noble Academy, the first boarding junior high school in the Pretty Cure franchise. The anime depicts the excitement of dorm life, coming of age while living with friends, and the anticipation and anxiety of a new life among roommates, separated from family. One day, the "Princess Precures" were revived by the Princess Perfume (and Kanata's dress-shaped "Dress-Up Key" that unlocks the Princess Perfume's power), and Haruka transforms into the flower princess Cure Flora. When unleashing their special signature moves, the Princess Precures' outfits turn into magnificent princess-like Mode Elegant long dresses.

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I will redo this review as I am watching it!   This anime just finished, and it's kinda sad to see no reviews or anything, but to be expected from a family friendly Sunday cartoon in Japan. Why am I out of all people watching and reviewing this? Why am I reviewing something I normally DON'T review? Welp. It was a choice, the summary sounded interesting, and it's something I don't have to hide out and watch, it's something I could easily watch in the living room when family is around. So why not?   So lets get this show on the road: Go! Princess PreCure (Go!プリンセスプリキュア Gō! Purinsesu PuriKyua) is a family friendly magical girl anime with a very typical plot line. Little Haruka Haruno dreamed since she was young that she would become a princess, and was constantly ridiculed for dreaming these silly concepts. One day, as she is pretty close to giving up on her dream, a magical pretty boy with purple hair comes and asks her if she really DOES want to be a princess.  (I don't know about you sweetheart, but he looks sorta funky looking. Probably not someone you wanna be waiting for. Even though he magically appeared to you.) Fast forward, the now slightly grown up 13 year old Haruka is attending Noble Acadmey; a boarding school for girls. As she settles in with her new friend Yui, she dreams of dancing in a ball room with the prince she will find as she attends this school.....however as the tour comes to an end, we run into some faboulous-ly cute little dog and bird...? (Look at this cute little animal thing. I can just feel my wallet whispering to me to buy merchendise, the change loosening within it.) However with little magical animals comes the evil villan, no pause, no wait, just immediately. We are introduced to our villan, who can't seem to close his legs.  (I wasn't bluffing.) So now, typical villan seems like he is going to win, simple Haruka with a funky dream awakens to be the FANTASTIC and AMAZING CURE FLORA. She defeats the monster with ease, and thus triggers our facinating 50 episode series...or so I hope.... So. I will be putting my review below as soon as I finish it. So far the sound is pretty good, the voices are cute which is expected, along with the art. The characters have Mary Sue: The Long Lost Sisters written all over it but that's not bad! What kinda girl doesn't dream of her life being absolutely and totally perfect?        As usual, lemme know if this helps you, leave me a comment, lets get to know each other. Have a disagreement, you know the drill.


Someone had told me when I first began viewing Go! Princess Precure that I should take all notions that I have about the aura of ‘princess’ and hold them in reserve and just enjoy the series.  That would be difficult since I had stalled after episode one.  Something about an overly emotional father bawling his eyes out in a disgraceful manner.  This only stroked the ‘princess phobia’ that had developed over the greater part of my life. It’s Disney’s fault.  That, and the combined efforts of four daughters who compelled me to join them in the theaters and enjoy the exploits of Brave, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin (come on, call the flick what it really is, Jasmine), Snow White, Mulan (highpoint in my misery … the Donny Osmond show-stopper) etc.  I totally enjoyed the parody of all those Disney princesses in Ralph Wrecks the Internet. But, I’m an emotionally scarred man … princess speaking.  Girls striving and succeeding … often making the males in those movies look pathetic in the venture. The only vindication I received in the whole terrifying ordeal is the knowledge of the staying power of any D-princess.  Pocahontas 1 and 2.  Mulan 1 and 2.  Cinderella 1 and 2.  Proof that Toei Animation knows what they’re doing in not allowing any precure team go beyond two seasons. Ah, Go! Princess Precure, we’re talking about this, aren’t we?  Let’s move on.  While I sense that the premise of the series is ASPIRE HIGHER … I have a difficulty in seeing how (or if) the storyline consistently achieved this.  Consider the four members who make up Go! Princess Precure.  Minami is the daughter of a wealthy family with enormous influence in their community.  Kiara is bound to follow her mother into the ranks of top model in the world of fashion.  Towa is a true princess.  And Haruka?  A very normal girl with a bizarre dream of becoming a grand princess.  A girl from a middle-class family.  Her dream seems irrational and impossible.  And yet, she attends the prestigious Noble Academy to attain these lofty goals.  And she heads the precure team as Cure Flora. All this princess talk is making me queasy.  Let’s talk villains.  The character designers for Go! Princess Precure has created the best set of baddies in the history of the Pretty Cure (even those softies who decided to switch to the good-guy-side late in the series, IMHO).  The princesses have their dainty hands full against the forces of Dys Dark and the queen Dyspear.  But top-notch in this category is Close whose punk-rocker image gets grittier as the season charges to its dark episodes (from # 47 to end).  In fact, Dyspear yields to Close in one last desperate battle against Cure Flora.  It is here where Flora discovers that life is a curious blend of dream and despair, a revelation which satisfies Close (for some reason I still can’t fathom).  Suddenly … happy ending.  Dream has its place; despair has its role. The animation of the series (as their 3-part movie) is dazzling, particularly in the scenes where the thorn fields of Dys Dark retreats in a rainbow burst of color as the Hope Kingdom re-energizes.  Great effects throughout the season. But, in the end, the confusion remains.  Haruka essentially returns to square one.  Her team has gone on their ways to fulfill their dreams of marine veterinarian, top model, beloved princess, storybook author.  We leave Haruka in the same flowery field we first meet her, convinced that her dream of grand princess is not all that unreasonable.  Nary a clue that she will succeed as her friends have. I wish her luck, but I see no difference … other than a renewed zeal to aspire higher.

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