Go! Go! 575

TV (4 eps x 4 min)
2.698 out of 5 from 626 votes
Rank #17,355

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This is a blob showNot much more than being cuteStill enjoyableThe epitomeOf form and yet no functionA casual showThere are two cute girlsAnd they do very cute thingsA third girl joins themFive seven five onThe pattern that they go byIt doesn’t translateSyllables aren’t onBut they’re the closest we haveTo make these poems workWe don’t count moraWhen we make English haikuBut maybe we shouldThis is for a gameMade by Sega for their toolTo create haikuGames will make bad showsThis is just a short advertNot much going on-What story is there?They decide to make haikuA third girl ships themThey don’t get too farIt could be interestingBut it’s twelve minutesIt’s not enough timeA decent story needs moreAt least it’s something-The art is quite cuteBut it is still genericThe backgrounds are dullCharacters look niceNot much variety, thoughThey look similarWouldn’t expect muchIt is a short moe showBetter than Mangirl-The voices are cuteSo are the seiyuu they’re fromSurprisingly goodAll the JapaneseMust be lost in translationIt is poetryThere wasn’t much, thoughStill would make more sense to themNo longer the same-Main is genki girlOther is fed up with herWhat a great friendshipNo developmentThey’re still fun to be aroundYuri’s a nice touch-A fun little showIt won’t waste much of your timeEven if it sucksIf you like lolisTalking and just being cuteThen you might like thisOtherwise don’t watchThe moe is the main partThere isn’t much plot-Not too bad a showBut still not that good eitherA five out of ten

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