Alt title: GJ Club

TV (12 eps)
3.813 out of 5 from 4,466 votes
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School can be a boring place, but not for the members of the GJ Club! The kind Kyoya, meat-loving Kirara, calm Megumi, game prodigy Shion and pint-sized firecracker Mao always manage to have a good time while navigating day-to-day life, whether they’re preparing for the cultural festival, playing doctor, fixing TV signals by becoming human antennae, or simply getting to know each other better!  

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Have you ever wondered how it is possible to take a boring subject and make it into hell incarnate boring?Well it's a good job GJ-bu exists cause it answers a question that litterally nobody ever asked cause they couldn't be bothered to do so in the first place. And it's also good for me cause i won't have to write a review big enough cause there isn't much to talk about in the first place.There is no story the characters are characters you can find in any other school anime,only done much much much much worse and lifeless and boring and cliche as fuck.Did i also say that they are the most one sided characters ever?No?Well i just did..Mao is the short gal with an even shorter temper and she bites Kyouya all the time.Kyouya the only male character is there to do...Something..Mostly being bitten by the midget.Megumi is the weight obssesed gal who makes tons of sweets so others can get fat and that's mostly it.Shion is supposed to be some kind of chess nut and a genius and has a little sister complex.And Kirara is a gal with cat ears..Don't know why,the only thing i know is that she speaks like a total retard and eats meat all the time............Then you have the maid who appears each time to make Kyouya horny by doing a twirl in her maid outfit..That's all she does.And Kyouya's little sister who has the hots for him.Great characters huh?Why did they bother with characters?They could just show us some vegetables talking to each other.Actually vegetables would be more exciting as well. The animation is as shit as it gets,especially the lip sync is out of place.This is a 2013 anime and the animation is 1999 bad.And it's not like they had much to do so one must wonder how did they make such a big mess of it.It's just a clubroom,some characters and one house..THAT"S FUCKING ALL....How on earth did they manage to make an anime of 2 settings look so fucking bad.I've seen dismembered bodies looking much better. The songs are just like in every other anime of that kind and VA are there cause i guess mute characters wouldn't work..Even the VA couldn't be bothered.Their lines are performed in the most dull way possible.You can feel their need to be done with it and go home and do something else..Like cutting their wrists or something. Well that was it.Like i said not much to talk about..If you don't believe me for some reason go ahead and watch it.Just don't say i didn't warn you.

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