Alt title: GJ Club

TV (12 eps)
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School can be a boring place, but not for the members of the GJ Club! The kind Kyoya, meat-loving Kirara, calm Megumi, game prodigy Shion and pint-sized firecracker Mao always manage to have a good time while navigating day-to-day life, whether they’re preparing for the cultural festival, playing doctor, fixing TV signals by becoming human antennae, or simply getting to know each other better!  

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I am the GJ Club! image

Episode 1

I am the GJ Club!

Friendship, Love, Her Abnormality? image

Episode 2

Friendship, Love, Her Abnormality?

Kyoro on the GJ Line image

Episode 3

Kyoro on the GJ Line

After School Cultural Festival Party image

Episode 4

After School Cultural Festival Party

Double Fantasy image

Episode 5

Double Fantasy

4 Little Sisters!? image

Episode 6

4 Little Sisters!?

A New Club Member Appears! image

Episode 7

A New Club Member Appears!

Sisters Attack! image

Episode 8

Sisters Attack!

Kyoro on the GJ Line, REBIRTH image

Episode 9

Kyoro on the GJ Line, REBIRTH

Autumn of Arts, Appetite, and Attack image

Episode 10

Autumn of Arts, Appetite, and Attack

Agreement Cancelled image

Episode 11

Agreement Cancelled

Let Us Say Good Bye, GJ Club image

Episode 12

Let Us Say Good Bye, GJ Club

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TheDevilToufu's avatar
TheDevilToufu Mar 16, 2016
Score 8/10

A pretty good slice of life anime, if not one of the better ones. It really brought out the essence of friendship in this one, and it's also one of my personal favourites, so I'm writting a review of the anime, GJ-bu!  The Story Every episode of this anime, i assure you, you will love it. A club with only 6 members that built on a strong relationship, doing normal stuff. Yes, nothing special, but because... read more

Mendacious's avatar
Mendacious Dec 1, 2014
Score 4/10

Extremely lethargic After School Club GJ Club is a slice of life anime, a very very thin slice of life. The opening episode has no hook or apparent story at all. Just a bunch of very average students in a club room doing their separate things. Very average translates into typical archetypes following their preprogrammed scripts. A lone male and four females gives this series the ubiquitous harem feel all too... read more

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