Girls und Panzer Specials

DVD Special (6 eps)
2012 - 2013
3.546 out of 5 from 1,546 votes
Rank #3,561
Girls und Panzer Specials

The girls from Oorai are back, and whether they're shopping for swimsuits, camping out or doing the Ankou Dance, they bring their own special brand of Tankery to the task at hand. There's also a tour of the Oorai school ship, a look at what REALLY happened while Yukari and Erwin were out doing reconnaissance, and a team talent contest that's not to be missed!

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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It was hard to see why these six episodes would have to be called Girls Und Panzer, other than this is the name of the franchise.  it was closer to Girls Mit/Ohne Panzer (Girls With/Without Panzer) or Girls Neben Panzer (Girls Near Panzer).  This OVA (original video animation; part of the reason for the review is to hammer home the meaning of the term.  The meaning of OVA has been brain-resistant with me) of six parts is more the lives of the girls away from their favorite means of destruction. The ideal of OVA is to offer the animation company to experiment with their project following concepts that do not follow the storylines of the episodes in the actual series.  Hence the  scenes of bikini-strewn beaches or the public baths.  Here, it was done tastefully, no openly visible aspects.  No girl stood up in the hot tub.  Towels were there to save the day. All six OVA bear the word "War" in their titles and give a glimpse of the girls at some phase of sensha-do.  All episodes run from 15-20 minutes, except for the fourth ‘Anglerfish War’ episode which ran for about three minutes.  I am still asking why it had to run at all, except it is a tribute to GUP's fourth episode.  Though all titles bore the term "War," none had any overt violent activity.  The closest you get is the fifth episode "Winter War" which takes us to the contest with Pravda.  It was merely a story of reconnaissance, and how Erwin and Yukina traipsing through the snow environs could give the desperately cornered Ouarai Academy team could force a break-out.  But no shooting in this one.  Actually, each episode strove to have some educational lesson.  The history of beach wear.  The history of military meals as the MRE.  Preparation for warfare in hostile climates.  Recalling the events of the Civil War as seen through a scene from Little Women.  But that one about the Anglerfish Dance?  Isn’t there a law about forbidden knowledge? But all focused on the fun of being a girl in love with tankery.  The humor comes quick though, and I saw no advantage in seeing it as subbed or dubbed.  For example, in a talent contest, one group try doing imitations, and Hana knows all the answers even with minimal clues, except for the one about the girl with optimal visual acuity (hint … it’s Hana). Overall, the animation is not outstanding, but there is one moment.  The Anglerfish dance, done by one, then three then one line, two lines ... all girls wearing that ridiculous costume dancing in perfect synchronization.  It was worth the second look (no, it wasn’t). A series of six episodes only looking for the fun in sensha-do, without all those tanks and the noise attributed to them.  And I finally got to learn what OVA means. Overt Violent Activity. Or, was it Optimal Visual Acuity? Oh well, watch some more OVA, and it might sink in.

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