Girls und Panzer: Saishuushou 2 - Taiyaki War!

Alt title: Girls und Panzer das Finale Part 2: Taiyaki War!

DVD Special (1 ep x 9 min)
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Girls und Panzer: Saishuushou 2 - Taiyaki War!

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I saw GUP: Taiyaki War in the animebam browser earlier this week and investigated it.  While it was only a short feature, I enjoyed it except for trying to understand its place in the whole Saishuushou scheme of things.  I discovered two key factors about the GUP enterprise, in their series, the first film, and the present das Finale project: 1) the flow of the storyline focuses on the Ouarai Academy's sensha-do's team.  Whether to save the school or the integrity of their recently graduated vice-president Momo, the plot centers strongly on these heroic girls of Ouarai; 2) GUP does an excellent job of developing the characters from the opposing schools that battle with Ouarai on the battlefields of tankery.  Many strong characters can be found in St. Georgianna, Anzio, Pravda, et. al.  Great characterization, but where strong characters are falling down over each other, we might have problems, Houston. Taiyaki War is the adventures of the first of Ouarai's opponents in the latest round of episodes that make up the das Finale series of GUP.  BC Freedom Academy is composed of a union of two schools, an elitist  girls' academy, and a school with blue collar values.  The school revolves around a revolutionary France mentality, a school of aristocrats and revolutionaries.  The elitist girls hold the outsiders as 'transfer students' who need to incorporate highborn values (and eat at the super-expensive school cafeteria).  The new girls on the block would rather set up their own booths and sell their wares cheaply.  The story begins with the bracket forming for the new sensha-do tournament, and the two girls from BC Freedom Academy are jumping down each other's throat because they have drawn Ouarai Academy in the first round.  They return to campus to sulk and blame each other for the bad luck. Taiyaki is the name of a baked good, light cake batter poured into fish-shaped molds with a sweet red bean paste in the middle.  The 'transfer' students enjoy this treat, but the aristos of the BC Freedom would forcibly close down the booths and force the new girls to eat cafeteria style.  This would cause a disruption among the student body, but the student body president (or, better, the Queen) support the booths and would suggest a taiyaki with a chocolate creme center.  On sampling the delicacy, all the girls agree that taiyaki is the best.  Peace!  Concord!  Good feelings rampant at BC Freedom.  But wait, coming in plain sight by helicopter, that wily master of espionage from Ouarai Yukari comes to spy on BC Freedom to see how they can be beaten.  The Queen comes up with a plan to throw Yukari off the path. Taiyaki War is one more piece of detail work in the overall GUP das Finale project.  Think along the lines of This is the Real Anzio War!  While not part of the GUP series, it gives a detailed account of this contest, sorely overlooked in the series.  In Taiyaki War, we have the background to the battle between BC Freedom vs. Ouarai, why Ouarai felt that they could exploit an apparent disunity in their competitor's school, then realizing they had to inspire that tension themselves.  The GUP das Finale project is an ambitious one, years in the making, one half of the content done by next year.  GUP: note the age of the reviewer as given above.  If you could book it and get out the whole series sooner ... gratias!

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