Girls und Panzer der Film

Movie (1 ep x 120 min)
4.138 out of 5 from 2,350 votes
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The task of saving their school falls to Miho Nishizumi and her barely-seasoned tankery team. However, things go off track almost immediately when the Ooarai tankery team is pitted against the leading university team in an all-or-nothing match!

Source: HIDIVE

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Girls und Panzer der film is a very nice continuation from the series. It stays thrue to its origin and manages to entertain with a new tank battle. There is a total of 90 minutes of tank battles so if you liked the battles from the series this movie is definitely worth the watch. StoryThe story continues where the series ended and gives the main characters a new reason to keep practicing Shensha-do. There is only 30 minutes of actual story and 90 minutes of tank fighting. The battles are also very well written, there are times where you just laugh at how unbelievable the action scenes are but even those are not entrily impossible, thus adding to the experience of the fight. AnimationThe animation is just like the series very well done. With the tankparts moving as they should and the explosions and smoke behaving as you would expect. SoundThe sound was done greatly in my opinion. The explosions, gunfire, and engine sounds never overrule the characters when they are talking, which makes it easy to follow the movie.What I also enjoyed about the sound was that when a school would take action their own theme song would start playing softly in the background, which added to each schools scenes. (I also couldn't stop humming along with katyusha. Man do I love that melody).On a side note everything that would make sound, made the sounds you woul expect (the turrets rotating, loading sounds, enviromental destruction) CharactersThe characters are mostly the same as in the series with a few additions. Even though a lot of characters got minimimal screen time (with a 30 vs 30 battle it would be hard to give everyone sufficent screen time), I think they chosse the right characters to focus on. you got the main characters who are acting the same, but the other school get more development which is nice. Katyusha was able to show a more caring side making me love her more, Anchovy was for once not useless making me actually like her and her team.Now the new characters: 2 new schools were joning the fight which could have at least used an actual introduction, now it just felt of. The japanese school (I presume) was completly useless and annoying at the start, but managed to be more likeable near the end of the movie, giving them a bit of development wich was believable. The other school (which apparently was Finnish) also randomly joined the fight making me wonder during the entire film: "who the heck are you and which country do you represent?" This team was actually very capable from the start which was good because two new bad teams would not have been good for the story.The enemy team were very capable fighters but except for the leader only 3 characters were minimaly introduced. This could have been done better because now the main characters were mostly fighting against "empty" tanks instead of against actual people (it gave the series more feeling, if you get what I mean). ConclusionIn conclusion I have to say I really enjoyed this movie. everything was done great but with a more time they could have used the characters better, both the new and the old ones and give the movie a bit more substance on the story part.Now if only there could be second season that whould be great.

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