Girls Bravo: Second Season

TV (13 eps)
3.458 out of 5 from 4,471 votes
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Girls Bravo: Second Season

Second season of Girls Bravo.

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-Story- I will start off by saying that I enjoyed the second season of Girls Bravo a lot more than I did the first. I thought that the second season was a bit funnier than the first season, but there were only a few scenes that actually had me laughing histerically. I did like how it took more of a "slice of life" style to it in this season, and that it put more focus on the main cast of Yukinari, Miharu, Kirie, and Kazuharu. I still feel that a lot of the fanservice in the series in unneccesary and sometimes got in the way of the story, but it was an improvement over the first season. I however didn't like the ending of the show, and I felt that they were trying to cram some sappy moral of the story down our throats. Also the ending antagonists were only mentioned rarely throughout the second season, and not at all in the first, and that the suspensefull ending was kind of thrown together at the last minute. Also it wasn't very inkeeping the rest of the show. -Animation- Same animation from the first season, so really no complaints except for the use of stills from time to time. -Characters- The characters were a lot better in the second season than in the first. Kirie stops being such a bitch to Yukinari, and reserves her beatings to Kazuharu, and other times when she needs to fight. Yukinari seemed to be less of a whimp and actually seems to have grown a pair. Kazuharu is less of a disgusting pervert than he used to be, and he actually turns out to be quite a nice guy when he's not trying to grope everyone. Miharu is still a great character, a little bit of a ditz, but still entertaining. However, Tomoko and Koyomi are still annoying beyond reason, Tomoko doubly so. -Overall- While the second season is definately an improvement over the first season, it still is far from being a good anime. Its better, but not quite there yet.

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