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Alt title: Gintama The Movie: The Final Chapter - Be Forever Yorozuya

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Dec 30, 2013

Gekijouban Gintama Kanketsuhen: Yorozuya yo Ein Nare, or in a more pronounceable way, Gintama: The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya, is the second Gintama movie released at this time, though with a subtitle being "The Final Chapter" it is widely presumed this is the ending to the Gintama anime. Is this right, or is the gorilla author trolling us again? Well, I'll get back to that later.


The story of Be Forever Yorozuya is a typical plot that you'd expect from Gintama. It starts off with the Movie Thief (a walking robot with a camera for a head) about to film something playing in the cinema. Our hero Gintoki SAKATA stops this thief from filming the movie by smacking it a couple of times with a rolled up piece of paper. Unfortunately, this robot's dream is to become the best movie thief in the world, but due to Gintoki's persistant smacking, the robot's camera head is broken. Feeling bad, Gintoki goes into a theatre playing a porno and begins to film it alongside Movie Thief

When Yorozuya members Kagura and Shinpachi SHIMURA stop the two thieves, a short scene plays where the fourth wall is broken (or rather pulled) before the crowd starts booing the Yorozuya and throwing bottles at them to stop wasting time and start with the movie.

The Yorozuya trio and Movie Thief walk out the theatre and, after another short scene is played, Gintoki realises that Move Thief has recorded the porno and brings the robot (as well as a box of tissues) to the toilet to "apprehend" the theif. When Gintoki presses play on the robot's head...that's when the movie truly starts.

Gintoki is transported five years into the future, where not only Edo but the entire world has fallen apart, due to this new "white plague". Gintoki then sets out to try and fix the future, but to do that...he's going to need some help from some old friends.

Now, the story to this movie is very good and it's definitely one that grabs your attention. Transporting five years into the future, where everyone has changed and the world has gone to ruins, it's interesting to see how much has changed since Gintoki vanished from the world.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention this...Gintoki has to place snot on his head, so no-one will recongise him. If Gintoki reappeared five years after disappearing, it would freak everyone out, so throughout most of the film, the other characters see Gintoki as this, to put it bluntly, essentially a walking penis.


As you'd come to expect from Sunrise's Gintama, the animation is very smooth and solid in the movie. The character's facial expressions and movements are top notch and are an absolute pleasure for the eye. The action scenes are so incredibly well animated, it's impossible to look away.


The music for this movie is also top notch, as you'd expect from Audio Highs. There are pieces of music that suit every scene and they do a very good job at conveying the mood and tone of each scene. There are emotional songs, actiony songs and silly songs to name a few. But no sound section is complete without mentioning SPYAIR's excellent song, "Genjou Destruction!" that plays twice during the movie; once being the credits. It is such an amazing song, it's hard not to smile from ear to ear when it plays. Also, Tommyheavenly6's "Pray" is also played at the end of the credits, which honestly is a little tearjerking. The very first opening is also the very last song that plays while screencaps of every single episode roll by the screen on some film's bittersweet.

As expected, the voice acting is to the excellent standard that the TV series set. Tomokazu SUGITA is as brilliant as ever, delivering his lines with pure class and comedy timing. Rie KUGIMIYA plays Kagura so brilliantly, as does Daisuke SAKAGUCHI playing Shinpachi, considering how different their characters are in the movie than they are in the TV series they deserve a lot of credit.


The true highlight of the TV series, was the sheer number of awesome characters it had and the movie takes these lovable characters and throws them five years into the future. Kagura is no longer the child bottomless pit that says "aru" at the end of every sentence, but rather a beautiful big breasted woman. Shinpachi went from being known only as "glasses" to being an absolute badass who is almost as good as Gintoki with a sword.

Of course, it wouldn't be Gintama without the hilarious cast of side characters. Many of the main side characters return for the movie and most of them are incredibly well done after the timeskip. Now, I won't spoil how some of the character's change, but I will say this; Taizo HASEGAWA is still a Madao, Tama is now an ubercleaningrobot, Kotarou KATSURA should be renamed to Kotarou Katsuki, Elizabeth is a scary, steroid induced monster and Isao KONDO is very much still a gorilla-stalker. Obviously, a lot of other characters appear, but just seeing the characters five years later, it's a real treat that I don't wish to spoil.


The Final Chapter is so close to perfect, it's unbeliveable. For me though, there's just one thing holding it back: the lack of screentime given to the other characters five years later. Of course, Kagura and Shinpachi are given a lot of screentime, but it would've been nice to see more of the others. The Shinsengumi are no longer together, but there is no hint at why. They've disbanded for disbanded's sake. No explaintion is giving for why Katsura is now a Shinsuke TAKASUGI wannabe, while Kyuubei YAGYU and Tsukuyo appear so briefly, there's no time for them to fully explain what happened to them.

However, needless to say, apart from this minor setback, Gintama: The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya is one of the best anime movies to ever come out. It's got everything that the TV series had but cranked up to eleven!

In the end, I give Gintama a 9.5 out of 10. It's by no means perfect, but it is damn well close!

Now then, the point about this being the end of the Gintama anime. Is this true or not? Well...truth be told, the answer is yes and maybe. The maybe comes from the fact that, well, we don't know if the anime will be coming back. A lot of people want it to, but at the end of the day, it's all up to Sunrise.

Now, the yes part of the answer. Be Forever Yorozuya is the "canon" ending to Gintama. Yes, the manga is still going on with no end in sight, but the creator, Hideaki SORACHI wrote this movie with the intention that it was the ending to Gintama. So truthfully speaking, Be Forever Yorozuya is the real ending to Gintama. The journey is still going on, but we know what the ending is. It's a very weird way of marketing things, but then again, this is the Gintama staff we are talking about. The whole "Final Chapter" thing is probably just a marketing campaign so they could boost sales and whatnot. Only time will tell if the anime comes back! In the meantime...

Be Forever Yorozuya!

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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Dec 25, 2019

Since I am so sick of Christmas because of it's overrated music, films, etc and that it has a 3rd spot as Top Anime movies on MAL (might change as time goes on) I decided to totally watch this Gintama film.

It totally did not disappoint me.... It was so friggin sweet man!


I loved the fact Gintoki is transported to the future and he got to see the badass adult versions of Kagura & Shinpachi (unfortunately didn't take long for them to change back into their normal selves). I gotta say the CGI animation on this film was quite well done especially in the near ending when they were going to battle. Seriously seeing all the characters from the show was pretty dope if I do say so myself!

Lads if you're honestly sick of the same Christmas movies or feel down during the holidays even, let Gintoki and his gang take care of that while you watch the movie ;)

(also posted on MAL)

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Sep 9, 2014

Fue un largo viaje desde que me aventure en el genial mundo de Gintama, siempre con ganas de saber de qué iba la cosa hasta que me di la tarea de ver todas sus temporadas, ovas y películas. Siendo esta Gintama Kanketsu-hen: Yorozuya yo Eien Nare su segunda película la que ponga fin al camino (Por ahora, confió que así sea).

Pero hablando de ella específicamente, ¿vale la pena o es simplemente una película más para vender mercadería como generalmente suele ocurrir con este tipo de animes longevos (DBZ, One Piece, Naruto, etc….)? La verdad es que no, esta película no es un relleno y tiene alma propia. Entremos un poco en ella para ver de qué va su historia. Gintoki es transportado 5 años en el futuro, al llegar ahí se encontrara con que Edo está completamente destruido, todo por culpa de un virus llamado la “plaga blanca”. Ahora le tocara al Gintoki del pasado reunificar al Yorozuya, pues Kagura y Shipachi ya no suelen trabajar juntos, todo esto porque el Gintoki del futuro a muerto. La historia de esta película no solo coquetea con el futuro de Edo si no que se verá también envuelto el pasado de Gintoki, llevándonos  también hasta la guerra del Joui cuando se luchó contra los amanto.

El inicio de la película es un poco lento, y en realidad parece no ofrecer buenas expectativas sobre el film, pero es que así es Gintama, empieza de una manera absurda pero siempre encierra una historia de alta calidad y esta vez no será la excepción. La segunda película de Gintama logra hacernos olvidar que estamos viendo un film basado en una serie popular, y en su lugar nos da una historia fresca, atractiva  y lo más importante, nos hace sentir que en realidad estamos viendo una película que de verdad vale la pena. ¿A qué voy con esto? Pues que la película no nos hace sentir que estamos viendo un simple episodio más de 2hr 30, en su lugar nos da una historia disfrutable y que nos mantendrá interesados en ella hasta el final. Claro está, este film es diferente al pasado, pues no aboga tanto hacia la lucha, si no que esta vez veremos otra de las cualidades de Gintama. Su factor dramático.

Hablando sobre la animación, esta es destacable, primero porque cumple los estándares de un film y segundo porque también han puesto mucho cuidado a detalles de escenarios así como a la hora de animar las pocas pero intensas escenas de lucha, los movimientos del cabello y prendas también están a la altura; todo en conjunto con una excelente imagen de alta definición, aunque por momentos esta decae, especialmente cuando el cuadro es ampliado para mostrar varios personajes en escena. Su música aunque bien empleada y atractiva no aportara nada especial. Nos encontraremos algunos de los temas que ya hemos escuchado en la serie y unos pocos nuevos. Si hablamos de sus personajes, pues ya sabemos que nos vamos a encontrar, bien definidos, especiales y auténticos, la película solo aumenta aún más su calidad, esto sin hablar del villano, que aunque no es muy destacable el uso que le dan en la historia es muy grato.

Para cerrar, Gintama Kanketsu-hen: Yorozuya yo Eien Nare  es una película imperdible para cualquier fan de Gintama que quiera saber un poco más del pasado de Gintoki. Y que extrañe las andanzas del Yoruzuya y todo sus amigos.

9/10 story
8.7/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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