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Fifth season of Gintama.

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The Monster and the Monster's Child

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Leave Letter

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The Song of Samurai

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The Two Fools

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Ten Years

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Master of Kouan

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The Lost Rabbit

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First Student

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Once again we must turn to the teachings of Buddha who once said:"Read his damn reviews only if you're old enough to drive a Chevy otherwise you'll spend eternity gently massaging Pears Morgan's balls." Well do you have to ask?It's fucking Gintama we're talking about here,of course i would bloody rate it with 10 all over.Why you ask?Let me explain. Know what?Scrap that.I don't need to explain.Gintama as i said before in another review,is now and forever the KING.I wouldn't care if they wrote a whole season with Gintoki farting and puking hairballs,i wouldn't care if it ate one of my eyes or legs.I'm just in love with it.And there's a perfectly good reason. Gintama does what it wants to do,it is what it wants to be and doesn't apologise for it.Most of all though it has character and soul.I keep on going about the X Factor,well this has it in spades.Everything about it is unbelievably good.It's unique,it's special and special is what i'm on about here. You see most animes just throw some generic shit and call it a day and small minded idiots praise them,either because it hits them in the feels(i'll kick you in the balls or in the [email protected] if you're a woman,see how that pans out)(see i'm not sexist,i hate all of you just the same)....Or because they're easily digestable.Let me put it this way.There are animes like Kanon,praised by millions for...whatever reason.These animes are cheeseburgers.Rat meat cooked poorly by Keith who has the hygienic properties of a septic tank.Eaten by millions who don't know shit about food.They know about obesity though..A LOT.Then we have Gintama.Gintama is a Gordon Ramsey's dish.The best of ingredients,gathered together to make you have an orgasm with each bite.The man is so cool he even killed his kids pets...For fun.. I don't want to go through the motions with this one,cause i'll just spend the rest of time talking endlessly about it and you'll get bored.What you need to know is that Gintama is a show that needs to be watched before all else.I don't have and i don't want to find words to describe it cause i'll end up ruining it.Just take some time off your bullshit anime and watch it.Cause Gintama isn't just an anime,it is a game changer. You know,some animes are gonna be remembered for 2...3 years time?This will always be remembered as the best of the lot.And that my friends is something only a handful of animes have achieved.It's odd,it's bold and i love it.And so will you,i'm sure.

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