Giant Robo

Alt titles: Giant Robo The Animation: Chikyuu ga Seishi Suru H, Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Stood Still

OVA (7 eps)
1992 - 1998
3.78 out of 5 from 789 votes
Rank #2,404

In the near future, a small team of scientists have solved the world’s energy problems with the Shizuma Device. While the development of the device was hampered by a chilling disaster, the device is now viewed as the ideal power supply; it is clean, recyclable, and can be used to power every device imaginable. However, the terrorist group Big Fire has found a way to recreate the disaster that was triggered during the item’s development, in every Shizuma Device around the world. It is up to InterPol, a group of justice specialists with extraordinary powers, to stop this nefarious plan and save the world with the help of their trump card known as Giant Robo and the young Kusama Daisaku, the crux of the robot’s power.

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This OVA is definitely not as good as people are making it out to be. The plot is overly convoluted and the story only starts to make sense towards the very end. During the whole series, you barely understand what is going on and why the characters are doing what they are doing. Not only that, throughout the series it is palpable the self-insert opinions bias about climate from the team, I even checked if Miyazaki was part of the team, fortunately he is not. To make matters even worse, you have a specific scene that is repeated ad infinitum throughout the story, again and again, and then again but with a different perspective and then again just for the hell of it. I mean, why not?  The animation is the biggest selling point about this OVA, unfortunately it was wasted on character designs that are too simple (that is forgivable because it is the original way they were drawn), but not only that, they decided to use only two colors for the characters, a base color and another for the shadows, which completely detracts from the quality of the animation, very bad decision. There are a lot of characters, but you just don't care about every single one of them at all, even though some are cooler than others (like Murasame), you just can't create a connection with them because the story is so bad. The main character is a generic crybaby that is wrong about everything (and that is not my opinion only, all the characters agree with me) but since he is the main character and he has a huge overpowered robo, then well, I guess he is right. All in all, if you read the original manga, you will see that this OVA is a huge bastardization of it, a huge mess with characters that are not even part of the original manga and characters that were completely changed for the worse, all put together in a half-assed story. All in all, I would barely feel like recommending this OVA, but the animation is good and you may like the story, but trust me, you won't have fun watching it, at all.


Welcome to my fourth Anime-Planet community review. In this review I will be looking at the epic seven episode OVA called Giant Robo. This had no reviews until now? This is blasphemy of the highest order. Well, now a voice has come to say and recommend this anime. Please comment and review my review. I appreciate compliments and criticism. Thanks. Story; The events take place in the near future, ten years after the advent of the Shizuma Drive triggers the third energy revolution. The series follows the master of the titular Robo, Daisaku Kusama, and the Experts of Justice, an international police organization locked in battle with the Big Fire (BF) Group, a secret society hell-bent on world domination. While incomplete, do not let that stop you from watching this beautiful piece of entertainment. Animation; Started in 1992 and finished in 1998, Giant Robo's animation is just absolutely amazing. For being made in the 1990's, it felt like it was made just in the middle to late 00's. It's some of the most beautiful and clean animation I've ever seen from the 1990's. It took Yasuhiro Imagawa so long to make because he continuously used up all the budget they had given him on each episode. The result is his masterwork, Giant Robo. Nothing he can do will ever compare or hold up to this. Sound; Giant Robo's soundtrack was composed, arranged and conducted by Japanese Academy Award nominee Masamichi Amano and performed by the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir. The music ranges from grand pieces to more light-hearted tracks. The music of Giant Robo has been called one of animation's crowning achievements and that is no lie here. Each 45 minute episode (sometimes longer, sometimes shorter) felt like a genuine movie thanks to the A+ soundtrack. Characters; Noble heroism and noble villainy. Both are displayed heavily. You will fall in love with the heroes of the Experts of Justice or the villains of the Big Fire Organization. All of them are likable. Giant Robo is considered to be a character drama, as each episode passes, you will fall deeper and deeper into the character's depth until you simply just cannot breath. Daisaku's growth as a character was fantastic to watch, from a boy to a man, whether he wanted to grow up so fast or not. The result of this drama drove me to tears. It will most likely do the same to you. Overall; Giant Robo is considered a true classic of anime. With each episode varied in time 35-60 minutes each, each episode is like a movie, it sounds and feels like one. It's over-the-top action and adventure will leaving you with a massive grin on your face. It was so over-the-top, those who watch the last episode after watching the first six, have known to combust spontaneously - it's that good! This is a must-watch and must-own to all anime fans. Truly a masterpiece in every sense of the word. Go watch it now. Do not question it, JUST DO IT.

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