Giant Gorg

Alt title: Kyoshin Gorg

TV (26 eps)
3.581 out of 5 from 115 votes
Rank #4,516

When Yuu's father dies, he is sent to America to stay with Doctor Wave, a friend and co-researcher of the lost island of New Austral. Yuu arrives just in time to save Doctor Wave and his sister Doris from a wrecking ball slamming through their wall; it seems that the organization GAIL is after the secrets of New Austral and will kill to ensure that Doctor Wave doesn't find them out first! Refusing to be scared away, Doctor Wave hires an old friend, Soncho, to get himself, Yu and Doris to New Austral. Can the team find out the secrets of New Austral, assuming they manage to make it to the island alive?

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Look no further if what you seek is a series that focuses on great storytelling wrapped in mysteries and action! Thou shall not be disappointed, start watching it at once, godspeed.  My description of the plot serves this show no justice, so read it knowing it's about as blunt as one could put it and the real show is such a masterpiece!: Yuu's adventure begins when he travels to America alone to meet with a doctor friend of his deceased father's. Right after his arrival he already runs into GAIL, your typical dominant, rich, powerseeking, evil science corporation. He and his friends will be hunted constantly throughout the series by members of GAIL as they make their way to an island made secret from the rest of the world. What's so special about it? How is Yuu connected to such an ancient plot? With the ominous guidance and guardianship of Gorg, an impervious blue mech, you'll piece together the truths behind Austral Island... The pacing of this series is spot on as each episode develops the plot - no filler, all action and giving you enough new knowledge or new wonders to keep you hooked! The story being told is definitely the main focus here, meaning lots of the characters stay pretty flat, but that didn't detract from the experience whatsoever and I enjoyed the mostly unchanging nature of the cast, actually. Yuu is always very spirited and righteous, Gorg is always heroic, and the doctor is always in the way nearly getting killed. Amazing. The animation might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it was actually one of the main reasons I picked the series up to begin with. Older animation has a very fluid quality to it and the little details, like a simple slip while running down some stairs cause you're in a rush, makes me feel more connected to it in a way that I can only explain by saying.. it just feels like you can see that this was all animated by hand,  by people who cared? Hard work went into these details and seeing them, even the mistakes, just shows how real this is. I find nothing more boring than watching animation with no life in it, which in some modern animation approaches is sacrificed for speed and budget issues. (I know it ain't anime, but take Teen Tiatans original vs new as the most dramatic example of this.) The sounds here are expectedly oldschool, but even the unrealistic bomb noises fit the genre and style. The theme songs never change unlike many 26 length series and the intro is so upbeat - I love it. None of the voice actors made me want to explode, so those are also excellent! Overall, this is a great show to watch if your in for a plot that thickens like pudding on a stove - it just gets better and better, more complicated and dangerous with each episode. The whipped cream on top is a worthwhile ending that ties together all your questions. Truely an underrated show and you've just stumbled upon a gem - I hope you'll enjoy this as much as I have!

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