Ghost Hound

Alt title: Shinreigari Ghost Hound

TV (22 eps)
2007 - 2008
Fall 2007
3.789 out of 5 from 6,460 votes
Rank #2,127

Tarou has dreams - distressing dreams, related to the trauma he suffered as a child. His dreams and visions disturb his ease of mind, constantly reminding him of the darkness of his fear at the time he lost his sister all those years ago. He relives the fear, but can't recall any of the details of the time. Now, a new transfer student, Masayuki, takes an interest in Tarou's troubled past, as well as their school mate Makoto's connection to the dark incident. Under his persistence, the three boys end up visiting the site where Tarou was held hostage as a child: a decrepit hospital beyond the dam. The three venture forward to face their pasts and fears, unsuspecting of the bizarre world they are about to enter...

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mahius's avatar
mahius Jul 29, 2015
Score 8/10

Ghost hound is a 22 episode psychological, supernatural mystery horror anime. Less emphasis on the horror, it has a significant amount of supernatural elements and actual science, particularly psychology and neurology. It may be off-putting to younger viewers, but only because of the sophisticated and slowish-paced plot. There’s a lot less actual action than other ‘horror’ anime. I’m... read more

iiT3CK's avatar
iiT3CK Sep 14, 2013
Score 5.8/10

Ghost Hound is one of the shows that is mildly entertaining, but never really captivates you. The story is semi-interesting, but really leaves something to be desired. Essentially, the story was never fully explained and it takes away from the quality of the story as a whole. I can say there was real potential here, it just never follows through. As the story progresses it also kinda... read more

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