Genshiken: Second Generation

Alt title: Genshiken Nidaime

TV (13 eps)
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It's a new semester at Shiiou University, and for "The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture," AKA Genshiken, that can only mean one thing - new freshman recruits! Originally founded as a club for otaku to discuss their unabashed love of anime, manga, and video games with one another, the current president of Genshiken, Chika Ogiue, may have bitten off more than she can chew by recruiting a bunch of yaoi-obsessed fujoshis to join their ranks! Meanwhile, the original members of Genshiken who have since graduated find themselves coming to terms with their new lives as productive members of society.

Source: NIS America

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So i talked in a previous review about the first season of Genshiken so i thought it would be appropriate to say a few words about this,the last installment in the series. I would be lying if i said i thought it was interesting or funny in any way.I only enjoyed 2 or 3 eps and that cannot exactly be called an accomplishment,can it? Now 2 seasons after they sat down and thought it was time to change gears and go all in..Problem is that they bet all their money in black and the ball sat to red.And while this anime in some weird way wasn't a total borefest it certainly wasn't comedic and as for parody..Can you really call parody something that had very few refs of other anime,by which i mean you can count them in the fingers of 1 hand. But that wasn't the most crippling weakness of the show.For me at least was the turn the show took as a whole. It's the characters..Now the old ones are a mixture of the second season and a bit more maturity.In that regard they did great,it has at least a sense of continuity and doesn't go too far to show how much way they've covered.....As for the new characters...I can only describe them as the PC sjw feminist's dream cast.In fact the whole show now reeks of political correctness and leftist agenda. Now for the sake of coming clean i do see myself as part of the left but not the far left of the ridiculous identity politics proffesional victims and the likes,where people go around with a book 400 pages long about the "correct pronouns" for all 890 sexes they dreamed up.That doesn't mean i lean to the right either cause i clash by nature with too many of their opinions,so i guess you can call me a centrist. And if you sit there thinking why i bring such things into an anime review,it's simple.This anime is all about identity and gender politics,which in turn means that they couldn't just sit there and let men have their way,so they did what they do best..They don't make something of their own,cause who can bother when we can take over something that's already there and ruin it going "oh i know let's have some women that aren't the usual skinny girl cause we hate everything that is beautiful,let's throw a cross dresser in there too for no reason other than a forced diversity....Oh and don't forget to mention gender politics and possible homophobia every 2 sentences"..Now i wouldn't have any problem with any of these subjects IF they were a part of a more serious anime where the characters would benefit more and they could point out issues those groups face in everyday life.And by issues i mean the real issues not the made up ones.. But taking an anime and turning it into a gender identity fanfare?That's ridiculous and the way it was presented was laughable and it showed in every possible way.Every conversation in the anime was like a to do list of quotas.So a PC anime just for the sake of being PC and nothing more. Suffice to say i didn't like it one bit.It's one thing to make an anime about politics,like say corruption or any other political drama and build a story on that and another thing to bring political agendas into the anime world.And it's all the more worse because these people sadly influence the anime industry by being constantly offended by cat girls and whatnot,cause of course the world needs to be after their depressed image. As for the anime itself as an anime?The animation is just as atrocious as ever.The characters look like they sculpted potatoes and used them as reference for the design,apart from the backgrounds which were way better portrayed.. It still doesn't have a story,it's slice of life. Music and VA's were ok-ish nothing to write home about really. All in all if you want an anime that has little to nothing storywise,animation that will make you scream in terror and political agendas cause it's the new thing these days,by all means watch it to your heart's content.If by any chance though you want an anime that has actual story,fun,comedy etc then i suggest you look elsewhere.

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