Genji Monogatari Sennenki

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Hikaru is the beautiful and beloved second son of the Emperor. As his father’s favorite Hikaru has been given the surname of Genji, branding him a commoner; for as a commoner, Hikaru is spared from the ordeal and fighting that surrounds the successors to the throne. Liberated of this fate, Hikaru is free to live a life of pleasure with his many lovers scattered across the land. From the intelligent and beautiful Rokujou to the delicate and gentle Yuugao, Hikaru Genji manages to capture the heart of any woman he so desires. Though while his mistresses serve as ample distraction, Hikaru still remains infatuated with his first love – the one person who can never be his…

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hamletsmage Jun 26, 2012
Score 4/10

Story: Genji, also known as Between the Sheets, a Japanese legend. The anime follows the legend of Genji, a prince turned commoner. Despite being a commoner, he’s still fabulously wealthy and uses this wealth to buy his lady friends pretty gifts. And he has a lot of lady friends. Including an Oedipal complex that shadows all of Genji’s bedroom encounters. Aside from Genji’s wanderings in the... read more

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OnLittleFeet Dec 7, 2009
Score 2/10

Genji monogatari sennenki was an immense, complete, gigantic waste of time. Cancel that. Let me rephrase--Genji monogatari sennenki is possibly one of the worst anime I have watched in a while. Except for Casshern Sins, but that's neither here nor there. Anyway-- She looks damn good. Her animation is both enchanting and ripe with the classic scenery, bright colors, bold patterns and poetic influences one... read more

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