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In the future, babies are no longer born - they're grown. The crew of the newly developed spaceship Bilkis has been sent to investigate a mysterious "ring" that has shown up in Earth's orbit. Hand-picked through careful gene selection, the crew covers the area of skills needed to complete the mission. Except for ensign Mika Seido, whose gene-type is "white" - undefined.

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roriconfan Jun 24, 2012
Score 4/10

In case you wonder, this anime has nothing to do with some weird branch of SHAFT. Any relation is purely accidental.

A thing most anime usually mess in is having a clear picture of how many episodes are needed in order to properly tell the context of the story. It is usually too little or too much. It mostly has to do with whatever contract they made with the company, as well as those pesky episode... read more

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kissmetgen Sep 13, 2010
Score 8/10

This series was interesting with gene engineering as a concept and set 200+ years into the future. I like high tech anime sometimes and I was impressed with Geneshaft from the dialouge to the characters. The animation was great although at some points when characters had flashbacks the characters looked outdated. This was a more sophisticate version of a space story versus Kiddy Grade and Cowboy... read more



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