Gekigangar 3

Alt title: Gekiganger 3: Nekketsu Daikessen

OVA (1 ep x 30 min)
3.206 out of 5 from 422 votes
Rank #11,660

Ancient cave paintings left by the Super Paleolithic people tell of a great disaster befalling the people of Earth, when the evil Kyokka space empire will come to destroy all that we know and love. Humanity’s only chance lies in the prehistoric schematics for a super battle robot called Gekigangar 3! But even such a weapon is futile if there is not courage, love, and friendship among the brave humans fighting for peace and freedom! At least that’s what the crew of the Nadesico cruiser expect when they go to see the Gekigangar 3 marathon at the theatre…

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Gekiganger 3 is not really an Anime. It is a fictional series, used solely in the Martial Successor Nadesico. In Nadesico, the otaku watch it all the time as a very old but good mecha series (Heck, it even becomes a major twist in the main story!). Gekiganger 3 functions as a tribute to all 70’s mecha series and is nothing more than a compilation of the clichéd motives they all had in common. So, do not look at this small series as a stand-alone, full story. You should consider it as a Nadesico side-story and a comical representation of all the stuff the old mecha series had that made them lame and yet memorable. ART & SOUND SECTION: 6/10 Crap by today’s standards… but intentionally (you can clearly see the Nadesico characters watching Gekiganger as a film, to be drawn ok). The animators and music composers did their best to intentionally build a simplistic and old-fashioned atmosphere. So, expect to see every overused attack, scream and visual effect you can remember from Getter 3 and Mazinger. That is as far as it goes (and should go) in this department. Thus, an intentionally medium mark. STORY & CHARACTER SECTION: 6/10 The same old scenario, all old mecha share: Alien invaders attack the earth and only a huge robot piloted by teenagers (a kind-hearted one, a mysterious type and a funny fat guy) can stop them. There is nothing wrong with a tribute series such as this (again, it is intentionally common and shallow). As a twist, there is a (supposed) stand-alone mission in the second part of the story, where an even more powerful race of aliens attack the Earth and the good guys team up with the bad guys in order to stop them. Again, it uses the scenario formula all stand-alone movies, based on mecha-series had: Better graphics, an alliance between good and bad, more romantic character interaction, new weapons and no ties with the main story. It is a masterful compiling of all you can remember from similar series. So, as a story it sucks but as a reference to the old mecha, it is great. Thus, an intentionally medium mark again. VALUE & ENJOYMENT SECTION: 8/10 One of the best satires of mecha I know of. It is not as great as Titan Maximum but it still is an excellent add-on to the already great Martial Successor Nadesico. VERDICT: 6.5 / 10 The accused is found … NOT GUILTY! … He is shallow, but for a reason.

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