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The year is 1969 and alien invaders are trying to dominate the world. The only hope for Earth is AEGIS, a group of teenagers with the special ability to open 'Gates' that let them harness elemental powers gated from another dimension. AEGIS must now seek out other gatekeepers in order to stand a chance against the destruction of the world.

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roriconfan Jun 22, 2012
Score 4/10

This review covers both seasons.

Gate Keepers (GK) is one of the few GONZO works that don’t suck all the way because they held back on stuffing everything with lifeless 3D models. Too bad they realized later on how this would probably make something good out of their work and thus evetually threw in lots of that.

One should never try to watch GK for the story or the plot, since this is... read more

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