GATE (2016)

Alt title: Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri (2016)

TV (12 eps)
4.354 out of 5 from 14,236 votes
Rank #333
GATE (2016)

The Japanese Special Defense Force continues it's ventures with peace talks with the nations beyond the gate , through the use of hostages from the first attack. Although disaster strikes again, and Itami Youji's squad is in the middle of it all once again.

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[No Spoiler Review, 1 episode watched. Previous season's review linked below] Looking at how they did with the first episode of the second season of the JSDF Gate anime, it seems they took the problem with the previous season into direct account. I made a note in the last review that they were avoiding dealing with this manga original source's grim/dark/grit atmosphere, because they didn't know how to show it in an appropriate context for mainstream audiences. They did well with the throat cutting in the first season's episode, but failed when it came to the siege warfare when hostages were used to get the defenders out of their defensive lines. Now we have one of the chief "proto" villains, who is abusing a bunny warrior in his bedroom, all naked, but behind a very well done "veneer" or "facade" of silk, so that only their outlines are seen. In that way, they can stay true to the atmosphere of the original source and also maintain their mainstream tv guidelines. This will have further consequences down the line, as it will setup an interesting event later on. They may choose to avoid showing the later scenes, due to budget or lack of attention, but the first episode here at least had the right style. A great introduction to the decadence and moral degradation of this pseudo Roman "Empire", the JSDF is facing. It makes it slightly more satisfying when the hammer of righteous firepower drops in on the antagonists, so to speak. It won't happen for a few more episodes, yet, however. The way the JSDF also sets up a humanitarian/spy outpost in the red light district is interesting and impressive even, on a professional level. That's how you get your toe stuck in the doorway, for the rest of your army, one way or another. The Cultural influence and vitality of Japan is contrasted with the naked expansionism and force of the Pseudo Roman Empire as well as modern day powers on Earth, the US or China. The last season had a little bit of this, but this season will give you a lot more stuff to compare and contrast with. Just as Japan expands into the awareness of the Western world, to the point where we here today read and write reviews of their popular and sub cultural artistic productions, without a single gun being pointed at our heads to make us do so, so the same happens in this anime with the JSDF and their Arnus fortress base. It can be easy to dismiss it all as Otaku culture, but from the perspective of 4th generational warfare and various other such communities, this is a very high level of skill being exemplified. Not merely in fiction, but in the meta verse as well, past the 4th wall. So overall themes, fantasy in a strange world, that is closer to our own reality. Dealing with historical entities like the Roman Empire and nomadic societies. A lot of fun stuff going on there. Just like the original source, I would recommend the anime for audiences in the seinen demographic, older males, on top of the usual expected audience.

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