Alt title: Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri

TV (12 eps)
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On August 20XX, a gate suddenly appears in Tokyo's Ginza district, unleashing a portal where monsters, medieval knights and other fantasy beings come from another world and wreak havoc on Tokyo. The Japanese Defense Force take action against these monsters and push them back into the "Gate". Third Reconnaissance Team is dispatched to the "Special Region" lead by officer (and otaku) Youji Itami. On their travels, they are joined by a beautiful elf girl who is a survivor from the dragon's rampage and guide the group across the dangerous new world. 

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Notice: This review covers both seasons. The hook of this show was a medieval civilization coming in contact with an advanced one. How will they interact, solve their differences, coexist, and learn from each other? A very interesting concept that is sadly completely destroyed by the simple fact the whole thing is based on a light novel written by a military otaku and then adapted by A-1 Pictures, the studio with an uncontrollable urge for butt shots. The first episode is promising, since it shows how the less advanced civilization would try to solve all its problems by invading and taking over land by burning down houses and enslaving its population. The more advanced civilization would of course not only overwhelm it with better weaponry but also use far more elaborate political games to ally itself with this now world. All that are soon thrown out the window soon afterwards, since the author was more interested in self-indulging in a fantasy where his favorite toy soldiers are steamrolling everything else and have harem adventures with all sorts of fetishes. It is not hard to see his overbearing nationalism, as he favors the Japanese military (JSDF) to the point they are doing everything right, while everybody else is incompetent. This does not limit to savages from the other realm, but also to every other nation on our earth.Anyways, the plot is basically a bunch of otakus joining the military and crossing over to the other side of a dimensional gate, where they are supposed to secure their forces and forge a truce with the local leaders. The way they achieve this is by simply bombing the hell out anything that attacks them, scaring the leaders with a display of advanced weaponry, and amassing a harem of elves, witches, bunny girls, and any other sexual fetish you can imagine to be their prize. Everything is clearly one-sided, as there is no actual cultural exchange taking place. The JSDF is easily taking over everything with its super amazing tactics and firepower, while at the same time showing zero interest in magic forces that would allow it to make people immortal, or offer it instant regeneration. This is what I meant by self-indulgence, since there is no attempt to make both sides grey. If you are a Japanese soldier, you are the paragon of good with the most powerful weapons in the universe. If you are anything else, you are an incompetent asshole who loves to gloat before getting pulverized by the awesome JSDF. The show goes as far as making America seem like a back stabbing bunch of assholes who wouldn’t miss the chance to invade and take over the gate (something which they do before magically getting wiped out by the supreme JSDF). Also, the nobles on the magical realm are sadistic rapists who love to torture innocents, thus making them one-dimensional evils that deserve to be killed by the (of course) inspiring JSDF. And of course all females in the show are there just for otaku pandering, to be saved by our noble heroes and then turn into their waifus. Essentially, this is an anime that belongs in the pre-WW2 era, when everything animated in Japan was military propaganda. The characters have no real personality or character development and exist to simply be plot devices for furthering an agenda. The protagonist in particular is a clear example of a character not made to be an individual, but rather an archetype appealing to a certain demographic. He represents what otakus worldwide wish they would be (kindhearted, with a job, nobody minds his sleazy hobbies, is super smart, a top soldier, all chicks want to have sex with him) and has no problems in his life other than missing the latest porn doujin because orcs invaded his manga store. It’s all so painfully pandering to the point it stops being funny after a couple of episodes. Yet another example of why light novels are cancer and otaku pandering is what helps it spread.


[12 episodes viewed, update at the end] The adaptation of the setting and plot isn't bad. It's a good mix between Isekai or stranger in a strange land fantasy (hero summons) and modern Japanese SDF and otaku cultures. The source material would be rated seinen, as in dealing with mature themes from the 20-30 age grouping. However A-1 Pictures chose to use a tone adaptation and downgraded it to everyone or teenage ratings, which means some of the more crazy parts were cut out or modified. For example, they had the MC kill an enemy straight off using a blade across the throat, but they chose to use clothed male models rather than naked female models when an enemy army wanted to use psychological warfare to lure out the defenders. That's the kind of thing I mean by "tone change". A-1 pictures in the past have done similar changes to the licensed source material of other series, which I didn't think were particularly good or wise. Overall the fantasy/medieval setting is done well. It's a more gritty, historical, period in which sieges and aristocrats dominated military tactics. If anyone wanted to know what would happen if you threw a modern army formation back into the past, with semi unlimited ammo logistics, whether they could take on demi gods, dragons, and aristocratic based militaries... this is a good anime to start with. The MC is in a harem like situation, except he is a commanding officer. This is a significant difference from other series where the harem component is a primary issue. Here, it's more like a side project. The atmosphere feels more traditional, as in going back to a time of Japan where male leaders were always expected to lead females around. Whether that's because of the military setting or because of the medieval setting, it's hard to pinpoint. It's not a school harem about equality, however. A better adaptation would have earned a 90-100% score instead of a 7/10 or equivalent of 3.5 stars. I recommend Zipang for the more military orientated audience. Conflict on Geminar, one of the Tenchi Muyo OVAs, is another good take on hero in another world with mecha. I don't know why A-1 decided to moderate the tone and change the original source on such minor details. They could have extracted a lot more potential from the source. For one thing, people interested in this kind of fantasy meets modern military, really like blood, guts, and horror. They're basically the adrenaline crowd looking for thrills of some sort, they can take an Elfen Lied or two. If A-1 wants to get mainstream ratings, they can moderate the explicit content, but cutting or removing the material like this won't get them the hardcore support of the hard liners. Update: Curent quarter ends in episode 12. The ending episode doesn't get to the Second Red Dragon fight, so it ends on a "to be continued vibe" rather than a big battle or something of that kind. I thought the last episode did a good job wrapping things up, plot wise, and it didn't make the mistake of focusing too much on the weirdness of fantasy medieval world + otaku culture vibe. The audience is shown the interaction, but the focus is on somebody else. This is as it should be, because the future plot arcs have to do with Rory and Itami.


This anime is really nothing special, I don't get what all the hype's about. The premise - even though by no means original - is interesting, but the execution of the story is completely focused on nearly mindless entertainment and action. It's not bad, but certainly nothing that gets you thinking or in anyway memorable for its characters or plot. A combination of the fantasy, military and person in a strange world genres. A gate to another world opens in Ginza in Tokyo, through which a horde of medieval nights and monsters come through wreaking havoc in the city. Our protagonist, Itami, is a soldier on leave who happens to be in Ginza for some manga event and distinguishes himself by helping people and sorting out the confusion, so he gets promoted to lieutenant and is put in charge of a military division which is then despatched to the "special region", that is the world behind the gate. It's a parallel dimension that reminds us a lot of our own medieval times, populated by elves, mages, demons and dragons. The Japanese establish a military HQ base there and after a first skirmish with the army of the local empire which they effortlessly win - imagine knights on horses and archers against tanks, missiles and military aircrafts - the Japanese military then become the good guys trying to befriend the local population and help the villagers when they are threatened by dragons or bandits. The plot could have been developed in countless ways - it could have become an intriguing dystopian - political story, I mean this parallel world is full of resources and apparently limitless space and is virtually non-polluted, so it is not unreasonable to think that the contemporary westernized capitalistic societies would obviously find it very appetizing and establish a cut-throat race to colonise it, this in turn could have had endless political ramifications as to the relationship between the Japanese, where the gate opened, and the other countries, and between the Japanese and the local population. Also, we know nothing about the gate, why it opened, who opened it, and very little about the political organization and the geography of the parallel world. Anyway, there are a lot of unexplained things and things that make little sense. As for the characters, there are a lot, but they have no depth and none of them undergo any form of development. Itami is an interesting enough guy, but other than that and the fact that he is likeable and at the same time full of surprises - you know nothing. The girls are even less rounded, the most interesting one is the priestess-demi god-loligoth girl because she seems to have more personality than the rest. There is no bad guy. At a certain point, Itami and the five girls go to Japan because they have been summoned to a meeting - a diet - and some bad guys show up trying to kidnap or hurt Itami or the girls, but really what's going on isn't clear at all and the "political" reasons behind the summoning to the diet appear to be quite stupid.  Overall, this anime is ok if you just want some mindless entertainment. I guess the combination between the military genre and elves, magic girls, gothlolis and nekomimi girls can appeal to some. But it isn't my cup of tea. Maybe in the second season the story and the characters are developed better. I hope so.  

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