TV (25 eps)
1998 - 1999
2.971 out of 5 from 1,304 votes
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Two major world powers have constructed the most dangerous weapon on earth: Tactical Armor (TA), an elite fighting mecha with extreme agility and fighting strength. Yushiro Gowa is the top TA pilot and captain of the Japanese Self-Defense Force, an orginization that uses the TAs to try and bring honor back to Japan. Yushiro must make a hard decision and face the truth about his past and the secrets of the Gowa family, who will use their adapted spiritual powers to summon Gasaraki and unleash terror on all of mankind.

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On the Ancient Stage of Stone image

Episode 1

On the Ancient Stage of Stone

Opening Movements image

Episode 2

Opening Movements

Tantric Circle image

Episode 3

Tantric Circle

Mirage image

Episode 4


The Touching image

Episode 5

The Touching

The Puppet image

Episode 6

The Puppet

Return image

Episode 7


Harsh Worlds image

Episode 8

Harsh Worlds

Storehouse image

Episode 9


Unravel image

Episode 12


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roriconfan Jun 22, 2012
Score 4/10

The show has a very good premise; it combines mysticism, science fiction, and politics. Japan’s public relations with other countries is bad and will soon lead to a war, thus they experiment on new kinds of weapons of mass destruction. Their latest experiment involves the taping of mystical powers through the use of religion and old traditions. With proper handling, this could turn out to be as... read more

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