Garzey's Wing

Alt title: Byston Well Monogatari: Garzey no Tsubasa

OVA (3 eps x 30 min)
1996 - 1997
1.922 out of 5 from 548 votes
Rank #17,963

Chris was a typical boy whose only real problem was getting into a good college; that is, until he was suddenly sucked into Byston Well, a place between Heaven and Hell. With his body stuck in Japan, his soul must now help protect the Metomeus tribe from the tyranny of the Ashigaba tribe. Armed with Garzey’s Wing – wings of light which distinguish his role as a holy warrior – Chris will do whatever it takes to protect the maiden Hassan and her people, while keeping his own body and soul intact!

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Firstly, I would like to explain that I watched the English dub of the show, and the show itself is absolutely terrible. Though, it is the dub that made this show into an unintentional comedy. The show uses the incredibly overused idea of a person being teleported to a strange world to become its hero. Not that it makes it automatically terrible. There are great shows that use this basic stories. I think The Twelve Kingdoms is a great show. The problem is that Garzey's Wing does nothing creative about it. It follows that basic plot strictly. What makes it worse, is that the show makes no sense. It jumps all over the place with no explanation. I got the feeling that this was a heavily abridged form of the story. The worst part is that it never really ends. The show ends without resolving really anything. The animation was completely dull. There is no personality, or any originality put into the characters. That wasn't the only problem. It was plain out poorly animated. I had to wonder why a character's sword was pulsing, or why some of the characters' blood glowed. Like many other cheap action animes, you can expect to see still frames during action scenes. None of the characters had any personality. I found it hard to have any emotional feeling for anyone. I couldn't remember any of their names. Besides the main character that is. It is hard to forget him when everyone was calling him “Lord Chris”. It just made me laugh whenever I heard it. They never went into the background of anybody. I found it hard to believe that they tried at all on this anime. The one thing I enjoyed when watching the show was the English dub. It was probably one of the worst dubs I have ever heard. That's what made it so good. At times I couldn't stop laughing. Not only was it bad, but for some reason everyone was yelling. Two characters would be face to face, having a peaceful conversation. Despite that, they would be yelling at each other. There was one scene in the first episode where I was laughing so hard that I felt like I had trouble getting the laugh out. The lines were so poorly written. That one scene had two or three catch phrases that I don't think I will ever forget. So, the anime itself is terrible, but if you watch the English dub, you will find that it is really entertaining. It will be entertaining for all the wrong reasons though. That's why my scores do not really seem to add up. This definitely is one of the best “so bad that it's good” animes. I definitely recommend this OVA, if you want something to laugh at with friends. On a side note. This anime is from the creator of Gundam. It's funny how such a poor quality show can come from the creator of one of the most famous anime franchises.

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