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Somewhere in Tokyo, there is a room. In that room is a black sphere. Periodically, people who should otherwise have died are transferred to the room. There, the sphere gives them special suits and weapons, and sends them out on a mission to kill aliens here on Earth. While these missions take place, the rest of the world is largely oblivious to them. These missions are lethal - few participants survive them. The sphere calls the shots, and it's not the slightest bit nice. Its name...

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tikkymykk Feb 26, 2017
Score 6.5/10

I'll start by saying i expected a lot more when i first saw the trailer. This is made to suck in newbies to the Gantz franchise, but unless you're at least a little bit familiar with it, everything seems foggy and unclear. To the people who read/watched the previous material: it follows the Osaka arc with some major changes. Basically there's not much to review here. It's a mediocre action sci-fi. CGI was... read more

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Quantumcaliber44 Feb 20, 2017
Score 8/10

YES a thousand times yes , gantz is back and not shit like gonzo made it , this movie is great , there is alot of subtlety in this anime and i was only really abel to pick up on some stuff because iv read the manga and being that i read teh manga i pretty much preicted how it ended and i was right seeing as its a mosty faithful reimagining , except for maybe the beggining and the end and even then its not that... read more

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