Galerians: Rion

OVA (3 eps)
2.215 out of 5 from 491 votes
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In a dark dystopic future, humankind is controlled by Dorothy, a sentient supercomputer who believes she is god. To help do her bidding, she created beings known as Galerians -- humans with supernatural and psychokinetic abilities that rival no other. Enter Rion, a young man who possesses the skills of the Galerians, and unwillingly holds the key to Dorothy's destruction within his mind. As enemies search to destroy him, Rion must race against the clock to find his long lost sister and save humanity, before Dorothy and the Galerians can destroy it...

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sothis Sep 7, 2004
Score 8.5/10

When I first started watching Galerians, I thought to myself "wow, this sure reminds me of Resident Evil!" Sure enough, I then did a bit of brief research and discovered that this is based on the first of the Galerians games of the same name, Galerians: Rion. Supposedly the film is made up of the various CG parts of the game (though extended in some cases), and additional CG is added for parts that... read more



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