Galaxy Angel S

TV Special (2 eps x 12 min)
3.437 out of 5 from 386 votes
Rank #3,825

During a fierce battle to protect the Angel Base from rebel invaders, Milfeulle saves the Angels’ lives by running away with a rogue grenade. When she wakes up she thinks that all is well, except that nobody but Normad can see or hear her! She is then told that she died in the explosion and is now a ghost. Luckily Normad tells Milfeulle that she can still regain her life by using Lost Technology that will switch her soul with that of someone else, but will she use it on the Angel team now that they appear to have forgotten her? Then one day Col. Volcott and Major Mary of the Twin Stars receive letters informing them that they will swap jobs. With Mary now in command of the Angel Team, Volcott takes charge of the Twin Stars. Desperate to prove that he is not as incompetent as he looks, Volcott needs the Twin Stars to complete a mission successfully. However when the two boys make a mistake say something forbidden to him, Volcott begins a crazed rampage for revenge. Will anyone be able to stop him?

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