Gakuen Tokusou Hikaruon

Alt title: Campus Special Investigator Hikaruon

OVA (1 ep x 29 min)
2.784 out of 5 from 198 votes
Rank #16,215

When five high school students commit suicide with no indication as to why, Hikaru the detective is dispatched to pose as a transfer student and involve himself in student life to get to the bottom of things. On the surface, what he sees is a case of unhappy students in a school where money and status rule all; but Hikaru cannot accept things for what they seem to be, and he soon finds himself on the trail of an evil so powerful that it could not have been derived from this dimension. Now, he must learn how this mastermind is controlling all of the unfortunate happenings at school, and stop him from taking more innocent lives for his own selfish pleasure.

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