Gakuen Heaven

TV (13 eps)
3.236 out of 5 from 4,875 votes
Rank #4,227

As Ito Keita looks at the envelope in his hand, he is both excited and worried. Inside is the renowned "Platinum Letter", an invitation to the most esteemed boys-only high school in the country: Bell Liberty. Only the very best students are considered for this special academy, and each must display an outstanding skill or talent to be admitted. So with average grades and no special skills to speak of, why is Keita now finding himself on the bus to Bell Liberty? Will he be able to find his place among the elite, or find out why the school chairman himself issued the invitation?

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Off-Season Transfer Student image

Episode 1

Off-Season Transfer Student

The Heaven That We Reached image

Episode 2

The Heaven That We Reached

Circulating Memo, Vacillating Emotions image

Episode 3

Circulating Memo, Vacillating Emotions

Steam! A Welcome Party Fraught with Drama image

Episode 4

Steam! A Welcome Party Fraught with Drama

Heaven’s Door image

Episode 5

Heaven’s Door

Perfect Day for a Date image

Episode 6

Perfect Day for a Date

Where Uncertainty Lives image

Episode 7

Where Uncertainty Lives

The Night Before the MVP Battle image

Episode 8

The Night Before the MVP Battle

Flowers of Steel image

Episode 9

Flowers of Steel

The Key to Memories image

Episode 10

The Key to Memories

The Truth is Revealed image

Episode 11

The Truth is Revealed

A Flower Unbending in the Wind image

Episode 12

A Flower Unbending in the Wind

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haize78's avatar
haize78 Apr 21, 2015
Score 4/10

Gakuen Heaven is a shonen ai anime, but there isn't much there to get scandalised about. There isn't much there. Period. It's set in an all-boys academy, Liberty Bell, "BL" for short - and they hammer it into you at the beginning of each and every episode so you'd have to be dumb not to get it. Our protagonist receives out of the blue an invitation to study in this prestigious academy, but doesn't... read more

WittyKatts's avatar
WittyKatts Aug 16, 2010
Score 8.5/10

Story: The story was good for the most part. It's your average shounen-ai anime. I found the animes' comedy rather humorous, and the storyline rather sweet, though it did get a little predictable for me. Animation:I liked the animation, though it was nothing fantastic. It definitely could've been better at some points, but it most certainly wasn't the worst I've ever seen. So over all, pretty... read more

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