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An angel at the top of an angel school has descended to the human world! However, she has already acclimated to the life of the human world so much that she ends up leading a self-indulgent life, skipping school all the time and being absorbed in online games. Gabriel soon forgets about her original goal to make human beings happy and has turned into a lazy and hopeless angel, or a “sloppy angel” in short. Amazingly, she swears to continue to fully enjoy the pleasure of various entertainments of the human world.  

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The Day I Knew I Could Never Go Back image

Episode 1

The Day I Knew I Could Never Go Back

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The Angel, the Demon, and the Class President

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Friends, Work, and the Summer of Bugs

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Summer Vacation, Ho!

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The Angel Whose Illusions Were Shattered Like Hell

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Satania's Counterattack

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Vigne's Demonic Life

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Fall School Life

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Episode 9

Christmas and New Year's Eve Surprise

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Episode 10

The Angels and Demons Return Home

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Fun Forever After...

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Episode 12

Gabriel DropOut!

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To be blunt, I am a major fan of this anime. As this is only the eleventh episode, my review will be more or less inaccurate, however I will base my judgement off the dedication towards the detail as well as the relativity towards the manga. My review MIGHT CONTAIN SPOILERS so please turn away now if you choose not to be spoiled.  *FINAL UPDATES: UPDATES WILL COME STORY Let's start this off with a short synopsis. This is about the young prodigy "Tenma Gabriel White" a talent filled angel sent to earth in order to understand the humans and become a full-fledged angel. Unfortunately, it all turns wrong when she is introduced to the entertainment of humans. Tenma turns into a carefree and lazy shut-in who barely attends the school she was assigned to. Her close "friend" Vigne a devil, unfortunately is the polar opposite; well natured and clean. Vigne becomes the care taker type of friend who looks after Tenma and tries to remind her of her old self. This creates the generic comedic duo that is sure to be loved. The viewer is taken abroad the story of their school life. Baiscally, this is an interesting twist towards the comedy genre. The gags are somewhat generic, but is introduced in a way that is enjoyable and funny. ANIMATION The art fits the type of story that is in place and is very clean. The relation towards the art in the manga and the anime is fairly close, but may need a little more work. The movement is smooth and effects are effectively used whenever they are needed. The attention to detail is very prominent with the artist as they chose to draw in background characters and structures instead of blur them. Here are some example scenes. ANIME SCENES THE OPENING THE ENDING SOUND First this to say about this is, I LOVE THE OP. It's cutesy and cheerful, yet it still keeps to its comedic feel. The background music is placed perfectly where it should be used as well as sound effects. As for the voice acting, its perfect. It should be evident that the Seiyuu are skilled. As a matter of fact, all of the main voice actors voiced some of my favourite animes. In the second episode we are introduced to the ED. The ED may have finalized my decision in the overall score for sound. The ED is great and once again fits the theme of the anime. It is catchy and is very upbeat. OPENING SONG If you pay close attention to the OP, each characters personality shows in the song, which I find is very unique. Satanichia is always rearing for attention, Tsukinose tries to keep all three of them in check. Gabriel has totally given up and lost all care for humanity, and Raphiel enjoys toying with Satanichia. The begining of the OP is very interesting. It starts off with Gabriel being angelic like and then there is a drop into her current self. This can be easily interpreted as the relation to how Gabriel changed from a sweet mannered caring girl into a slobbish shut-in. ENDING SONG The ending is very similar, however there could be a deep meaning within it. Its the unison of the friends and their differing beliefs. The total collaboration of devils and angels. CHARACTERS To ensure this review is spoiler free for now, the characters have quite the back stories and it's very interesting. As for the anime, they follow the manga as if it's their bible. So, I would be surprised if it wasn't just as good.  Each character has their comedic parts as well have their persona. I can even name them now. THE SHUT-IN - Tenma White, Gabriel : Once such a diligent and disciplined angel becomes the worst type of person; a NEET. More specifically she is a shut-in as she still does go to school. Well partially, half the time she tries to find a way out of school. Regardless, her everyday activities are gaming all day and sleeping only when she collapses. Her comedic appeal as the shut-in fits her well and brings in a new twist into this type of comedy. THE NICE DEVIL - Tsukinose April, Vignette: The complete opposite of Tenma. What can be the worse thing a devil can do to be bad at doing their job. Well, that is being nice. Tsukinose is basically the caretaker for Tenma as well as her closest friend. She does her homework and is very cleanly; as evident within the first episode. Especially, she has no hatred towards the humans. Clearly a failure of a devil and close enough to pass as an angel. THE IDIOT - Kurumizawa McDowell, Satanichia: Now whats worse then a devil who can't be bad? It's a devil who sucks at being bad, up to the point where all their intentions are not even considered of devil quality. Who is this other than Satanichia, the wannabe satan who is soo stupid she fails to win even against a dog. THE BEAUTIFUL SADIST - Shiraha Ainsworth, Raphiel: How can we start to descirbe Raphiel. The best way is through 1 fully descriptive phrase;a pure, devil incarnated, evil, SADIST. Her target? Is the oblivious and idiotic Satanichia. Raphiel lives on the agony that she can imbue upon Satanichia. These two characters form a different type of comedic duo similar to what you would see from SM. Overall The anime is great, yet is rushed. More details about Gabriel's sister could have been added. THey also rushed the "going back to heaven" part. I would have loved if they had at least a whole season there to describe her life. Regardless of the fact, I still really love the anime and I would love if it had a coninuation.


The following is a review based solely on the first episode as the second one has not been released yet although it will be updated. Therefore, I will attempt to keep it relatively short and sweet.It's also my first. Be gentle. Pricks. Story Gabriel Dropout is a story about an angel, Gabriel (any and all correlations to real angels, archangels and/or gods, living or dead are purely coincidental, even if they look like they are 13) that has graduated from heaven school at the top of her class (with her headmaster looking suspiciously like Morgan Freeman as God from Bruce Almighty, only less black and more japanese) and is therefore, like every other angel graduating up there, sent to earth to salvate humanity from their miserable existence using the most efficient way possible:Being as moeblob waifu as possible. Which is why she gets sent to another school, only on earth. I don't get this part either. Gabriel starts off as doing typical daily moewaifu actions, like cleaning her house, doing homework, ripping out all the weeds at the playground, cooking and playing as a healer in MMOs, the latter of which lures her into buying a Holy Angel Staff which her innocent mind makes her think she can use to be a better healer.  So she becomes a NEET. Only that she doesn't become a NEET, as she still goes to school. It's like that status where you are still enrolled, but you have basically given up on your life, friends and dignity. Basically everyone here. I really should try to graduate this yearThis is the point where her personality makes a swift 180°, reminicent of Umaru Whatsherface from Himouto! Umaru-chan, only this time it's permanent. From now on, hilarity ensues as the other 3 main characters get introduced one by one. This will be mentioned later. Animation As the status on this show is still on Episode 1, very little can be said. However, for it's genres, it does it's job. It's not bad, however I feel like it's just nothing special. My hopes for changing very much on this part are low, but flashy and amazing animation creations of art like in Mob Psycho 100 or Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress are not necessarily required in the comedy genre. Sound Simple and clean here, background music does not make me want to kill myself, OP is very catchy and feels like it goes extremely well for this anime, even if it feels almost a little bit too moe. I have to stop using this word Characters  The characters are what I just made up we would call "The 4 tropes of a show with a good for nothing protagonist":  The good for nothing protagonist: Gabriel White Tenma in this example. Good for nothing except being the protagonist and moving the plot forwards, and being very charming while doing just that, which is why we love them so goddamn much. Worthless without the other cast, but when was the last time we had a good anime with only 1-2 characters anyways? Come back Tenshi no Tamago The class-rep style person that tries to put the GFN on the right track:  Vignette Tsukinose April. She's a demon, or devil, actually. This is supposed to be one of the ironic parts of this anime. You know, that she's supposed to be the bad person, but is actually really kind and redeemable while the angel is human heavenly trash. I will bet my left asscheek on the fact, that this is going to be one of the major selling points in the coming episodes.I also know that this might sound like I'm judging this character or even the anime in general down without any reason, I found her to be quite likable, although there admittedly was a small lack of interest from me in her. She gets a bonus point for the absolutely ridiculous name though, like what the fuck is a Vignette Tsukinose? The absolutely over-the-top, 1/2 lovable, 1/2 annoying character: Satanichia Kurumizawa McDowell- I swear to fucking god these names are getting out of handSatanichia wants to become the next Satan. Which is a quite redeemable quality by itself, as being the overlord and ruler of hell itself is quite an ambitious goal. So smol satan here tries to be evil. Really hard. Really. Really hard. As mentioned, her personality is over the top, kinda reminding me of Rikka from Chuunibyou, only more angry and more airhead. Funny thing is, Gabriel somehow manages to be far more henious and angsty, so smol satan tries to be like her. More hilarity ensues. The kind waifu on the outside, sexually repressed sadist on the inside girl: Raphiel Shiraha Ainsworth. No references to Archangel Raphael here at all.I feel like her character has the most depth to it as to now than the others. Raphi got so bored of being such a good person all the time that she can't help but trying to, you know, play a prank or two, make a snarky comment from time to time, or, I don't know, trying to physically and mentally humiliating smol satan on multiple occasions in front of multiple people holy shit that character escalated quickly It might not sound like it, but it feels like these characters are going to have a good chemistry between them, keeping my hopes up high for the rest of the season, if there's going to be more than one. Judging by the amount of cancerous spam on the subreddit r/anime_irl, it wouldn't actually surprise me. Small stuff: Even if this review did not sound as positive as it might seem, I would like to add that this one episode did not just get me to smirk, or blow air out of my nose louder than usual, or even give me a chuckle; no, it gave me a fucking full-edged laugh, which I haven't had since beginning this year, at least considering the anime I watched. There are simply these small little jokes or details that you just have to love, like warning minor spoiler for EP1 if you want to watch it for yourself Gabriel trying to teleport to class, accidentally just warping her panties, and the male students near her seat starting to pray to the slowly descending white underwear, or Gab simply wiping the darkness off her angel halo. Things like these just get me, especially if they're sublte, which is why you should at least watch the first episode, and then decide if you will continue. As the so called plot unfolds, maybe it'll get even better, in all aspects maybe even. Now off to premature ratings oh look I can enter decimals and variables Edit: no I don't know maths


When I first saw this anime I thought, "Wow this is cute but will it be any good?" The answer is actually based on a few factors. 1. Do you like slice of life, school life and comedy shows? 2. Do you like cute girls doing things? 3. Are you ok with an anime with not having much story and character development? If you say yes to one or more to these factors, you are in for a real treat. First Let's start of with the story. (Without spoilers)  Story: After an angel "graduates" her angel school, she descends to the human world. While she is there she is introduced to video games and becomes the opposite of her former self. She ends up skipping school, forcing people to doing her homework for her and becomes obsorbed into human entertainment. Also she forgets her original goal to make humans happy. Even though people around her try to make her formal self, she seems content with her new lifestyle and wishes to continue it. Overall, I think this story is a little above average because in the show they do put in a element who tries to take Gabriel (our angel) back home. Now on to the animation.  Animation: Now I think this animation is way better animated other than "masterpieces" such as Kings Game and Brother's Conflict. But I also think it has it's own style and charm into it as well. I like how it's not too bright (LIKE LOVE STAGE) or dark (LIKE DIBLOICK LOVERS). Now we will move on to what I think is the most important part of any media, characters.  Characters: In this anime I think mostly all of the characters are average but Gabriel to me is the most realistic to the average joe. She is not the one who's perfect at everything, she's not over confident insecure one or comedic relief. She just reminds me of a high schooler who's just getting by and enjoyable to watch. The next character I think who isn't average is one of the side characters. It is actually one of the main girl's brother. (No Spoilers)  Overall: I rated this a six because while I still like the comedy and the angels and demons, I don't like when one of the characters decide to scream like idiot to be "funny" or "#realtable But I do recomend this one to people that don't mind to just laugh out loud. See ya later guys! 

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