GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class

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The students of the Geijutsuka Art Design Class study all the various fields of art, from sketching and painting to graphic design and photography. While the mischievous Noda is always thinking up new ways to have fun with her partner in crime - tomboy Tomokane - the ditzy Kisaragi is content with doodling cats in her sketchbook. With Namiko attempting (and failing) to keep the energetic duo in line, the quiet and mysterious Kyoujyu seems happy to observe the odd behavior of her classmates. Whether they are transforming a congealed lump of paint into a sculpture of a pudding, playing ‘color tag’, or making thought collages, the gang live their life to the max through both their friendships and their art.

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Drawing Fun image

Episode 1

Drawing Fun

The Divine Pencil image

Episode 2

The Divine Pencil

Tag Collage image

Episode 3

Tag Collage

The Importance of Photography image

Episode 4

The Importance of Photography

Life Art image

Episode 5

Life Art

The Haunted Art Room image

Episode 6

The Haunted Art Room

Trompe-l'oeil image

Episode 7


Surrealism image

Episode 8


Strong Wind Stories image

Episode 9

Strong Wind Stories

The Border Between Life and Death image

Episode 10

The Border Between Life and Death

A Happy Ending image

Episode 11

A Happy Ending

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Episode 12


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cassiesheepgirl Nov 3, 2009
Score 6/10

What do you get if you cross Lucky Star, with Sketchbook ~Full Colors~ and Hidamari Sketch? Answer: Enough slice-of-life to entertain a small army of otaku for a few hours, and, apparently, ... read more

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flyboy42 Oct 6, 2009
Score 9/10

4. GA: geijutsuka art design class If you have seen my profile recently, like right now, you've probably seen at least one second of it. It's all puni-moe and silly. It's also about art. And design. And most of it takes place in a class. So if you aren't already sitting down, sit down and prepare for another show with a long title Once again we have a show with no plot that just has clips of girls being... read more

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