G-Taste (2010)

OVA (1 ep x 26 min)
2.286 out of 5 from 533 votes
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Asuka, Mai, Nana, Riona and Yuki have sexy secrets that they'd like to share. Mai explains the lines and curvatures of the legs when a woman crouches down. Nana works as a maid but believes someone is watching her. Riona becomes excited when she wears the color red, and demonstrates different ways a woman can sit. Yuki wears skimpy outfits for her lover. And finally, Asuka is frequently kept after at the hospital to take part in a sexy roleplay with a female doctor.

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I try to do reviews of series which are not very popular and thus lack a good review (either a user or a official review). Also reviews which I find unfair (ie. “this anime is stupid cause I don’t give a fuck about story” or “it’s stupid cause it is <genre tag>”) or highly arguable with my opinion get a second chance with my own reviews. As always this review is my personal opinion, any criticism is acceptable as I don’t give a fuck about trolls:P but srsly if u want to criticize something in my review be my guest and let me know it in the comments. I love to argue ;) And as always this review is SPOILER-FREE, so don’t worry about reading some important plot stuff here (I hate spoilers too!). I only mention things that are quickly revealed in first episodes or obvious from the plot synopsis (and some other irrelevant stuff). A little PROLOGUE to my review to describe my point of view: I picked this anime on one of my favorite.. hentai site. Yeah I said it! I watch hentai and I frickin love it, almost as much as a good porn with story. I always pity the people that say things like “wow he/she watches porn... it’s sooo sad” or “yuck! This thing is disgusting”. First of all, person saying things like that probably is a looser-virgin or never had a good sex :P Secondly, saying that things and then saying “I understand all forms of art and I consider myself a connoisseur of it” is being dumb as a bat shit. I agree there is “internet porn” and there is “feature porn” (if we can call it that for the sake of this review) and there is a huge difference between those two types. Porn can be just “another movie genre”, some people love musicals and some puke when they see a musical. It’s the same deal here, in musical they sing and dance at random scenes for no apparent reason and in porn they make love at random scenes for no apparent reason (although sex scenes in porn are making more sense than singing/dancing scenes in some musicals-it’s more natural;) ). There are some porn movies that ACTUALLY have a story, sometimes very complex, and they can be interesting in this way. No matter how you look at it, (some) porn is another form of art like all movies and if you call BS then get a brain. They also have crew that is working on great lighting, sound editing and music creating and nicely done photography with amazing compositions. And I always admired hentai (porn anime) because the story in them is sooo much more elaborate than in any other porn I have ever seen. And don’t we forget the artistic value it brings, the atmosphere is much more complex and mysterious at some times. With that prologue I would like to introduce you to the rest of my review. It’s my first review of hentai so I will be easy on you and greet you with a rather less hentai-more ecchi kind but one of the best (in terms of artistic feedback) I have ever seen. Story: Story segment is a bit tricky cause there is no particular story in this anime (I will call it anime for the rest of the review). The plot synopsis on Anime-Planet is confusing, for me it sounds like all the girls are connected and they have some bigger story together. But it is not true, this OVA is about random 5 (if I remember it right) girls and their sexual/erotic experiences. And they are not friends nor family. It’s just a girl talking about how she gets aroused by some things, some of you might recall a Playboy’s productions with similar idea (Red Shoe’s Dairies is also a good example). An hour long movie with chicks just talking about having sex and scenes when they stretch their bodies (no actual sex), it was more of a erotic movie rather than porn movie. And this anime is exactly the same, we get no sex at all and almost no naked boobs (I said almost). But that is all we get, an ass and some boobs, some fappers might be disappointed by this but that’s not the point. That said, there is no continuous story in the anime, girl’s stories doesn’t connect in any way. But if there is no story is it a piece of crap? A feature porn with no story is just internet porn right? Not in this case, although all the arcs are separated, each of them is very interesting to watch and to listen to what the girls are saying. Of course they talk about nasty things, but in such a nice way that I was genuinely astonished by their stories. Especially the nurse arc in the hospital, at the very end of it (the last line made a huge impact on my artistic side:p) I remember saying to myself sth like: “GOD FUCKIN DAMN.. that was so artistic, so funny yet soooo emotional I’m speechless” (that arc was that good in my opinion). Even though I was amused by their stories the girls are just girls. I have seen too many hentai and I have seen too many amazing, mind-blowing plot spins to give G-Taste’s story a high score. If only they could connect the girls, or at least made more episodes to keep me satisfied (wrong word, “interested in the series” is much more accurate), they would get a better score from me in this segment. Animation: Well it’s great, both the style and overall quality of animation is great. If you read some of my reviews you know that I don’t like to write a lot about things that are just done the way they should be (cause anime always should have great animation). Girls are drawn very nice, proportions are accurate (to my taste) with no huge bouncing titties and I really dig the overall style of the characters. It’s very classical anime style, nicely done detailed hair, cute faces, big colorful eyes. Each girl is easily distinguishable from another (they are not the same head with different hair color/style). Details level is very satisfying, the clothes they are wearing are at very high level, the background are a bit static for me but still they look great and add more to the mood and artistic value of the anime. Sound: Now that is something very very interesting here. Voices are ok, nothing too amazing to write about them but also nothing terrible. The music on the other hand has bought a real estate in my ear and plans to stay there for a long time. It’s that good, again reminds me of old (late 80s early 90s) erotic/soft porn movies mainly done by playboy. Some can argue that it can be considered as a rip-off but in my opinion it’s paying homage to those old movies. And just like the animation, it gives a lot to the overall style of this anime and it’s artistic side. Music is connected to what is happening on the screen, pace of it is accordingly matched to the scenes and every arc ends it’s own music segment. I was really moved by the music and for me it’s the reason why I recommend this anime to my friends. It’s not genuine catchy music like some anime openings, it’s amazing because of the style it adapts from and the style in which it enriches the anime. Characters: Once again it is difficult to rate yet another segment. As I mentioned the story is very “light” in this anime. If the story is light then characters development is “light” also, unfortunately it is correct. After watching this one and only episode of G-Taste I was genuinely interested in the girls (2 of them to be honest), their life, their past and their future. Things that happened to them and their motives are something that will never leave my thinking cap. And so, we get very interesting characters (I bet there are some people that liked the other 3 girls) and no development of them at all. HECK, we don’t even receive a proper introduction to them in the first place. Here is a random girl, she is perverted, here is how perverted, next character. Even though I mentioned all those bad things about underdevelopment and low presentation values we must not forget that the girls are frickin interesting. If you are a normal, healthy dude would you rather NOT TO listen to a horny chick talk about how she gets wet? Especially if she describes it in such a way that even Shakespeare would be proud of? Another thing: there are 2 more characters in addition to the original 5 girls, one of the characters is silent/absent (only mentioned) and the other says just a couple of lines. So I omitted the in-between characters relations. Overall: If you can endure some ecchiness and you consider yourself an “artsy” person go watch this anime right now. It would be a very interesting experience for you, I can guarantee that. If you are into ecchi, hentai and porn as another form of expression and interesting exposition (you like to discover things that many people omit) ALSO go watch this right now. The overall rating is very low on A-P and I’m not shocked. I understand that even though I wrote all these positive things about this anime and described how adult productions can be art (maybe even some of you agree with that statement now) this thing is still considered nasty, stupid porn for fappers. Nothing I can do with that, but you can. Go watch it and give an opinion, is it just another fap anime or something more? I highly recommend it.

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