Fuuka Episode 2 - Take Flight!

Yuu spots Fuuka in the hall and is about to talk to her, but then he notices she's crying. He follows her eyes and sees that she seems to be looking at their good-looking classmate, Mikasa. After school, Yuu ends up on pool-cleaning duty with Fuuka and Mikasa, but he can't stop wondering about their relationship. Meanwhile, Koyuki Hinashi, a childhood friend that Yuu lost contact with after she became a popular singer, finally calls Yuu for the first time in years.

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Take Flight!

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Anonymous Noise

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Mareep Mareep says

Both are about "school" bands but in Fuuka it is ONLY a school band AT FIRST but in Anonymous Noise there is a school band which *SPOILER AHEAD* secretely is also new popular band in Japan. *SPOILER ENDS*

But definetely Fuuka > Anonymous Noise

tootalls tootalls says

Similar premise. romance, unrequited love, triangle/s, band, love of singing.

Everything from this 1st episode is done better than Fuka. The characters are more interesting, what makes them tick makes more sense, and most importantly I get a true sense of passion for music and a much heavier focus on music here.

Alice > Fuka

KuroOkami KuroOkami says

Both are music heavy romance anime that don't really on comedy or fan service to draw people in or lighted the seriousness of the themes.



It's the first day of high school, and plenty of school clubs are doing their best to recruit new members. However, for ditzy Yui, none of them seem to fit the bill. However, when she accidentally signs up to join the light music club, Yui begins a hilarious adventure to become a world class guitarist! There's just one problem: she's never played the guitar...

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jaqweesss jaqweesss says

If you like Fuuka then you'll definitely love K-on, it features lots of funny moments thanks to the main character. perserverance and overcoming obstacles.