Future Diary

Alt title: Mirai Nikki

TV (26 eps)
2011 - 2012
Fall 2011
3.939 out of 5 from 52,450 votes
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Yuki is a disaffected middle school boy who has no dreams or goals in life; in fact, the only thing he has is his diary. Writing down everything he observes and documenting every thought, the young boy uses it as an outlet for his imagination. One morning, however, Yuki wakes up to find his cell phone filled with diary entries for the next ninety days. Thinking nothing of it, he continues his morning until he begins to realize that everything on his phone is rapidly coming to pass, and it isn't just mere coincidence. Now, Yuki suddenly finds himself thrust into a survival game against other future diary owners to become the new Lord of Time.

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Mirai Nikki is a supernatural mystery / horror / survival regarding an antisocial boy named Yukiteru (Yuki henceforth) receiving from his imaginary friend a magic cell phone that has a diary with all his future actions. Thus in effect he knows the future and can be prepared for anything. At first he adores how he knows all the answers in the tests at school, or how he can avoid meeting the school bullies since he knows where they will be waiting for him. Things get soon out of hand, when he realizes there are more people with similar diaries, and that his imaginary friend is not so imaginary after all. Deus Ex Machina (lol the imaginary friend is like an internet God) prepared an “interesting game” as he calls it and gathered a dozen cell phone owners to participate in a death game where there can be only one remaining alive in the end. PLUSES 1) The premise is very interesting; you have a dozen people who must kill each other for a grand prize. It does not mean the outcome is foretold because they all know the future. Every time they change something, which was normally meant to happen, all their diaries are altering their entries to show the new outcome of each action after the change. Thus nobody actually knows who will survive or not; at best they are just prepared to change the future in case someone is ambushed by another player. Also, the diaries are NOT really predicting the future but rather mention the future impressions of their owners. So if the holder of a diary makes a wrong assumption about an event, then his entry will also be mistaken. This practically makes the story to feel a lot more tactical than it appears to be. Another gimmick is that initially nobody seems to know all the identities of the other participants, thus they can’t just gather in a warehouse and finish the whole thing in an hour. It will require some sort of strategy and mind games to outsmart each other. 2) Catchy main songs. 3) Yuno is a horny yandere. 99% of the people who liked the manga, it is only because of her. To hell with whatever the story is about; it has a pink-haired horny yandere in it that keeps doing ecchi stuff with the pussy protagonist! So let’s not kid ourselves; she is both the mascot and highlight of the whole series. Heck, the very introduction video shows mostly her and barely the protagonist or anyone else; they might as well call this show Yuno Diary. No one else in this show is close to being that interesting; they are all a basic stereotype and don’t improve later on. MINUSES Early on, I found several annoying features which ruin the interesting premise from episode 1. And no, I don’t need a magic cell phone to prophesize the future, nor to read the manga. It is all plain facts. 1) Nothing great in terms of animation / artwork. It is in all an average production and even has lots of scene follow-up errors.2) The songs are terrible if you don’t like j-pop; especially when it has high pitched female singers and stupid lyrics. And surely, outside the dynamic tunes the lyrics are EWWW! “Twelve Gods, One Two, Three, in Latin, English, and German to make it sound cool.”3) The directing is very sloppy; expected from Hosoda Naoto, a guy who only directs softporns and aimless goofball shows. Same for Studio Asread, which never made a proper show in its whole career; its roster is nothing but shitty ecchi shows and work assistance for equally shitty GONZO sci-fi shows. Oh, the irony in that name. “As read”? How about “Ass read”? Here are a few examples of what they did wrong.The transition from one scene to another happens fast and dry, which makes it feel amateurish and ruins the mood. - If someone dies and half a second later we see the hero doing something irrelevant half a city away, it kills all the gravity of the death. - If someone is shocked for half a second before he calms, then there is again no gravity given in his emotional state. - If some unimportant character is standing next to a major character on one scene, and in the immediate next scene he disappears into thin air, you are not made to think there is something going on beyond the noses of the protagonists. The rest of the world is like it doesn’t exist. The whole show is so myopic it would make Alfred Hitchcock to go kamikaze on their asses. The director did many typical newb mistakes and ruined everything. - He rushed to shoehorn as much plot as possible in each episode and the result is rushed development and oozing apathy. I hear how many people complained about the Kaiji anime having a slow pace and too stretched emotional outbursts. To all you naggers, I suggest you watch this anime and realize the error of your ways. Kaiji’s directing is awesome. This is not.- He used the Idiot’s Plot trope in its finest form and the viewer is supposed to think like a dumbass in order to enjoy the slightest detail. 4) The storyboard is retarded; I spotted a million inconsistencies, plot holes, and examples of bad scene transition but because of space restrictions I couldn't post them here but you can read them if you follow this link and open the spoiler tag at the bottom. http://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=animeatt&aid=8395&attid=8274&previewmode=15) The characters are pitiful. I know many who consider them great and developed but they are all Narutards so that explains it. Seriously, they are (beside one) pitiful and badly handled.  6) This is a death tournament anime and if you follow the latest shows then Fate/Zero kicks Mirai Nikki’s ass with one hand. Jeez you guys, don’t offer identical premises in the same season if you want it to sell. And to heck with that; this is not even presented as a situation where each one has to watch out for all rest. All the players target Yuki and he has to beat them all himself. They are even polite enough to wait in a line for their turn to come up. In the meantime, it’s like they don’t exist. That’s not much of a tournament if the participants are not separated into duals or they aren’t doing anything while someone else is trying to kill Yuki. Furthermore, it is not EVEN Yuki vs the World, since two of the other players joined his team and help him survive again and again instead of trying to win for themselves. Seriously, without them the hero would be killed a dozen times every day. So he only wins because he gangs up on his enemies, who are always working solo. What kind of a lame tournament is this? Does anyone even remember Battle Royal and how awesome that was?The show is clearly not smart or mature as it might wants you to think it is. It is basically another Eden of the East premise with Deadman Wonderland characters. And just for the record, both those shows were far more retarded than they wanted you to think they were. Mirai Nikki is a coo-coo show for people who like the Rule of Cool or can identify and sympathize with completely retarded and lame characters. Not recommended if you want to watch something smart and well-directed.And yes, there are thousands of people who are crazy over this show and claim it is the most intelligent thing after Albert Einstein. To them all I say “You are all retards” because the show easily enters the top ten of most stupid anime of all times. Seriously, do not believe all the good things they say about it because they are the usual BS people with no brain spread around and mislead newcomers to consider manure as bon fillet. It is a terrible show and by no means a good one. Other than laughing at its over-the-top retard level, that is. VERDICT: 3.5/10


Have you ever watched an anime that simply left you speechless, unsure of what the hell have you just watched, but in the most obnoxious way possible? We all probably did, shows that cause this type of reaction tend to be considered the worst ones. Well, let me introduce you to Mirai Nikki. Mirai Nikki is the worst anime I have ever watched. No, I'm not kidding, nor am I being hyperbolic. This unholy abomination of a series left such a negative impact on me when I originally watched it back in 2012, that I actually started to hate anime in general and lost interested in the medium for a couple of years because of the fact that Mirai Nikki was the most popular anime back then. It baffled me how anyone could like such an atrociously-written crap without an ounce of irony, and if this is what people were accepting as "good" anime, then this medium is fucking doomed. Thankfully, as the years went by, people started to notice Mirai Nikki's bullshit and this show's reputation nowadays is considerably worse than it used to be, which is exactly the kind of thing that happens with terrible shows that were once loved merely out of hype while not having substance to back it up. The hype dies away, people will watch it again, some new viewers will also give it a shot, and the awfulness of the content will come and hit you so hard you'll wish you were Chris Brown's wife. Maybe if Mirai Nikki was your first anime, or at least your first """""""""""serious""""""""""" (there's still not enough quotation marks there, believe me) anime, you'll probably feel nostalgic about it, and thus, unable to judge it as the shitshow it actually is. For the sake of being specific about why I hate Mirai Nikki so much, be warned that I'm going to spoil the hell out of this show for the rest of this review because I don't think I can express how bad it is without spoiling it. If you're somehow masochistic and want to waste your time with Mirai Nikki without being spoiled, then I advise you to not read any further, I also advise you to go watch something else that's more worthy of your time, or maybe go see a psychiatrist. For everyone else... You may also want to do something else that's more worthy of your time than reading some autistic weeb rambling about how much he despises a shitty japanese cartoon that's 7 years old at this point, but if you really want to keep reading, then be my guest. Some people usually talk about how good Mirai Nikki's premise is, even others who also think this show is horse shit, tend to admit that it had a good premise. Well, I don't think it had a good premise at all, honestly Mirai Nikki seemed stupid to me ever since the very first episode, and I'm going to explain why. The premise is that there's this guy called Amano Yukiteru, he's your average socially awkward loner teen and has the habit of writing down everything that happens around him in his cellphone, while talking to his imaginary friends, Deus Ex Machina, and his partner, Murmur. Turns out Deus Ex Machina and Murmur are not really Yukiteru's imaginary friends, instead Deus is actually the God of Time and Space, he turned Yukiteru's cellphone into a Future Diary, a device capable of predicting the future up to ninety days, and dragged Yukiteru into a deadly survival game. In this game, Yukiteru and eleven other participants posessing their own Future Diaries with their own specific effects must kill each other until one remains, and the sole survivor takes Deus' place as God of Time and Space. Why? Because Deus is actually dying and must get a successor before that happens. Yeah, if this premise being stupid wasn't self-explanatory enough for you, then I'll tell you why it's stupid. First of all: Why the hell is Deus dying? The show never ever explains what exactly is killing him, hell, I thought gods were supposed to be immortal, but I guess Deus just got some kind of God AIDS and now he's about to pass away. And second: If Deus is the God of Time and Space, then why doesn't he just use his powers over time and space to look into the future and just make whoever won the game there into his successor already? Isn't he in a hurry to get this damn successor before he dies? Does he just want to see a bunch of people killing each other before dying? Either way, it's fucking dumb as hell, there's no reason to even come up with this game when you know exactly who is going to win in the end. Even if you make the argument that he's giving the participants the chance to change this future that he already knows is coming ahead, this is pointless because the winner of the game by the end of the series is exactly who Deus knew was going to be all along. Really, what is the point of everything that happens in this series? And no, that's not even the worst part, the story somehow actually manages to get dumber after that masterpiece of a premise. Among the other eleven participants of the game is Yukiteru's classmate, a girl called Gasai Yuno, who has been obsessively stalking the guy and vows to protect him at all costs, her Future Diary is even made specifically to help her protect Yukiteru. Together, they vow to defeat the other Future Diary owners and bring this game to an end, and as you may have guessed it: Most of the diary owners are generic anime bad guys, ranging from a terrorist, to a girl who commands a creepy religious cult, to a serial killer, to a psychopathic loli who somehow has access to dangerous weaponry and so on. Why would Deus choose a bunch of deranged people to this game? I dunno, it's almost like this is an anime and Yukiteru is supposed to be the protagonist who fights against a bunch of villains or something. There's a cop in the game, though, apparenly Deus' motivation to choose him would be to balance things out because the other Future Diary owners were horrible people, because surely one cop can stand up to almost a dozen dangerous criminals. Predictably, most of the other participants target Yukiteru because he's Deus' personal favorite pick for winner of the game (in other words, he's the protagonist of the show) and they all end up being defeated. Good thing they all conveniently attack him one at a time despite having a common goal in mind, otherwise I would start believing the characters in this show are actually smart or something. But even if they did attack Yukiteru and Yuno together, I'm sure the writers would find a way to make them fail, because Yukiteru has a plot armor that's somehow thicker than Sakae Esuno's skull. The bad guys have to be really dumb in such unbelievably contrived ways in order to lose their battles against Yukiteru and Yuno that it's really hard to take this shit seriously. Take Minene, the terrorist who's the ninth diary user, for example, she sneaks into Yukiteru and Yuno's school and somehow manages to set up bombs all over the place without being seen or suspected by anyone, which is fucking ridiculous, but I'll buy it. What I won't buy, though, is that she conveniently blows up one part of the school at a time, and it's always giving Yukiteru and Yuno just enough time to get away before they get blown up. She then blabbers about how this was all a plan to lure Yukiteru out, and she actually threatens to blow the whole school up. Well... Why doesn't she blow the whole school up? Isn't her objective to kill Yukiteru? By just blowing everything up from the get-go, she would have killed both Yukiteru and Yuno, two birds with one stone. But we all know why she didn't just do that, because then this garbage would have lasted for a mere two episodes. The other battles against diary users aren't much better than this, it always comes to them having Yukiteru and Yuno backed into a corner, with all the opportunities in the world to kill them, but failing because they're plagued by the powers of bad writing. The Future Diaries themselves are barely even worth talking about here, seriously, they're almost completely forgotten by the characters during these fights, and only do actualy predict the future when it's convenient to the plot, which makes them more of a cheap gimmick than anything else. Action scenes in spite of that aren't even that good, so just turning my brain off and enjoying the action was an impossibility, they're serviceable enough, save for some really stupid moments such as the fight against the twelfth diary user who acts like a tokustatsu hero, he hypnotizes some followers of the sixth diary user and they also wear wacky tokusatsu costumes to fight alongside him. His strategy is to confuse Yukiteru and Yuno because the costumes look similar, so they have trouble telling this guy apart from the others... Except they shouldn't have so much trouble because the costumes have different colors in their helmets, so even if he did blend in together with the others, he still has a specific color in his costume's helmet, but Yukiteru and Yuno are fucking idiots and take forever to get this guy for some reason. God, this is so dumb... Even worse than the fights is Mirai Nikki's pathetic attempt at character development. The diary users for the most part are generic anime archetypes with some edgy backstory thrown in there so the unfortunate viewer can maybe sympathize with them, and I mean, they do try really hard to get you to sympathize with these characters, if their stupid backstories didn't get you feeling sorry for them, the fact that most of them die right after those backstories are revealed definitely will! Or maybe you're an actual thinking person, and you realize these backstories don't matter in the end. Look at Tsubaki, the sixth diary user and leader of the previously mentioned generic evil cult that does whatever, she's a backstabbing bitch who wants to win the game because she hates the world and wants to destroy it. But hey, look at her background, she was randomly gang-raped by all the other males in her cult right after losing her parents, how ~sad~ and ~tragic~ a character this one is! The rape really drives the point home, it was completely necessary and had everything to do with the plot, man! What about Minene? The terrorist who blew a school up and possibly killed thousands of students in the process? Minene lost her parents and spent her childhood alone in some eastern country where religious extremists caused violent conflicts to happen, which eventually led to her hating religion... And eventually becoming a terrorist who fights against religion because God is evil and yadda yadda, yet doesn't think twice before blowing up schools and murdering thousands of students to achieve her goals. But wait, you're gonna love what comes next, trust me! Minene ends up being romantically engaged with a cop called Nishijima... A damn cop is in love with a terrorist who recently killed a lot of innocent people! Minene then "softens up" starts acting like a cookie-cutter tsundere in their "cute" romantic moments together, and it's like she never did anything wrong to begin with! She never shows any regret for killing all those people she killed back then, and may I remind you that Nishijima works for the Police! What the hell IS this shit? Am I supposed to just accept this as some kind of cute anime romance? What, does Nishijima see the real human bean behind this poor terrorist who's responsible for the grief of many families who sent their kids to school? Fuck you, Mirai Nikki. Fuck! You! Not even our main characters are exactly well-written either, Yukiteru is wildly inconsistent through the story and can go from a helpless loser to a badass whenever the plot needs him to do so, his relationship with Yuno is as deep and engaging as the romance in the Twilight saga is. He slowly starts to realize that Yuno may have a few screws loose and keeps oscilating between trusting her and not trusting her, yet this motherfucker keeps trusting Yuno even after she tries to kill his friends and even turns against him later! He has no real reason to trust Yuno aside from the fact that she protects him, but at this point it's pretty obvious that she has obscure reasons for doing so. Yuno is a yandere who loves Yukiteru, and that's basically all the characterization she gets, all of her dialogue and actions are about Yukiteru, and she also has a dark past, of course she does. Yuno was abused by her parents and became depressed, she was a loner in the classroom until one day she talked to Yukiteru and sorta made him promise he'll marry her in the future, he thought it was a joke and just accepted the proposal in an obviously half-hearted way. Do you think that's dumb? Yeah, me too. Oh, and also Yuno has what seems to be some dead bodies inside her house, which makes Nishijima get on her tail and start to question her about these rumors, Yuno reacts in the most "obviously I did something wrong" way possible, but Nishijima for some reason doesn't follow her or anything. I swear this dude is the worst cop of all time. But enough of this, time to crank up this diarrhea dile, because we're going to dive into the final act of Mirai Nikki, where things get even more hopelessly stupid than they already are! Yukiteru's father, who previously abandoned his son in a collapsing tower to save his own ass, by the way, was deceived into killing Yukiteru's mother by John Bacchus, the mayor of the city and the eleventh diary user. This makes Yukiteru go after him, the two to share an "emotional" reconciliation moment, only for them to get ambushed by Bacchus' goons who kill Yukiteru's father. Turns out this whole game was actually Bacchus' plan and he is the one who designed the Future Diaries, Bacchus somehow convinced Deus to go with this game and his motives for wanting to become the new God of Time and Space is that he's basically a Hitler wannabe. Why would Deus go with this plan to begin with? Is it even worth giving a fuck about the plot at this point? Now Yukiteru wants to win the game because he believes that will give him the power to revive his family... Yes, he thinks the God of Time and Space has life-restoring powers... This is our protagonist, ladies and gentlemen! This is hilariously retarded enough as it is, but Yukiteru could have literally just asked Deus if he could revive his family if he became the new god, there was nothing stopping him from doing so in the scene where Murmur implied the revival thing to him! "Why doesn't Yuno tell Yukiteru that he's going full retard?" you may ask, it's actually because she's also deceiving Yukiteru into believing that! Woah, what a shocking turn of events! Yukiteru just believes her, of fucking course he does, even though she lied to him multiple times at this point, caused the death of his friends and almost even killed him. But yeah, there's a really nonsensical plot twist regarding Yuno, and I'll spill it out right now. Walmart Kaworu eventually finds out that the Yuno that's been around the whole time is actually another Yuno from a different timeline where she indirectly killed Yukiteru and won the survival game. Seeing that she can't bring Yukiteru back to life, she then traveled back in time, killed her own parents in this timeline, as well as killed herself from this timeline and took her identity as Yuno. She's basically doing an infinite time loop where she spends time with Yukiteru, kills him at the end of the game and returns to the beginning to start it all over again. First of all, how is Yuno even still around? She went back in time and killed her version of this time, which means she was killed before entering the game and shouldn't be participating on it as a result. Alright, let's assume she's immune to time travel bullshit because she's technically God of Time and Space, then... How the hell can two Gods of Time and Space exist in the same universe? How is Yuno's meddling with time affecting Deus? Couldn't Deus see that Yuno comes from another timeline or that she's actually another god? If Deus died in the previous timeline, how can Yuno just travel back in time and have him be alive? Why doesn't Deus just do that to himself so he can just exist forever instead of bothering with all this stupid shit? What does Deus dying even mean? He dies but can be brought back to life later? His existence gets erased out? Who the hell knows? It's not like the writers are going to explain shit! Anyway, Yuno and Yukiteru are the only survivors left in the game, turns out Murmur has been secretly manipulating the game all along in order to have Yuno win, which is something Deus apparently never suspected, even though he's the fucking God of Time and Space and can see into the future! Murmur and Yuno travel back in time and end up creating a third timeline, but this time Yukiteru interferes with Minene's help. Yeah, Minene was kept alive by Deus. They end up saving the Yuno from that timeline and her parents before Yuno and Murmur could get to them, which ends up making this the happy timeline where not only Yuno, but everyone else apparently have peaceful lives now. How exactly does Yuno being saved affects everyone else's lives? What does Yuno's life have to do with Yukiteru's parents not divorcing? I don't know, I don't care either. The Yuno we've seen this whole time kills herself and Yukiteru then becomes the new God of Time and Space. What does he do? Nothing, he becomes depressed over Yuno's death and doesn't do anything... Even though he's the fucking God of Time and Space and he can just travel back in time, meet Yuno in a new timeline, maybe save her and her parents like he did in the third timeline, I don't know. I guess that would mean Deus would also come back and there would be another death game, because this show's use of time travel is just great. Ten thousand years later, Yukiteru decides to create a new timeline while Murmur plans to create another survival game. Yeah, it's basically a failed attempt at a Gainax Ending. What else can I even say about Mirai Nikki? The visuals and animation aren't anything to write home about, in fact it looks weird sometimes and the CGI is terrible, but at least it looks okay for the most part. Music is also just there, I don't remember anything when it comes to the soundtrack, but the openings are pretty good, so at least there's that. The direction is also pretty sloppy sometimes, although it may be the fault of the source material, but aside from the characters dying pretty much in the same episode that reveals their background, this show has the tendency to immediately brush their deaths off by showing the main characters doing some random comical stuff right afterwards, which diminishes the impact of those deaths even more, and those awkward transitions are present in most of the story. Even if it was the source material's fault for having those same transitions, the anime should have improved on that instead of being such a literal adaptation. Regardless, Mirai Nikki is a trainwreck in every sense of the word. A poorly-written and poorly-directed mess that pretends it's smarter than it actually is, tries to mask its terrible plot and characters with shock value caused by gore, edgy characters and other themes it handles terribly, and can only be enjoyed people who literally turn their brains off, as many suggest. I would like to say there's some positives to talk about in the story, but I can't see them, the premise is stupid, the story has enough plot holes to cover the moon, the characters are not only unlikeable, but also poorly-written, and the ending is a forced attempt at tragedy. Some people still like Mirai Nikki, even though they admit it's not a good anime, because apparently it's "so bad it's good" so they watch it for laughs, but I seriously can't even give Mirai Nikki this much credit because I was outright pissed off when I watched it, I just couldn't believe how retarded all of this was getting, and the final act was the point where I just gave up and wanted to finish this anime just for the sake of finishing it. I would watch other bad popular anime like Sword Art Online, Guilty Crown, Akame ga Kill or even School Days over Mirai Nikki any day of the week, at least most of those shows had something going for them, they actually made me create expectations before going to shit. Mirai Nikki, on the other hand, is a show I went in with extremely low expectations, and it didn't even meet those low expectations to begin with.


Story The basic gist of Mirai Nikki is that God (or Deus) is dying and he needs to choose a successor; to do this he chooses a group of people and gives them 'future diaries' which hold various different properties (e.g. Random Diary; Investigation Diary; Picture Diary...). He then gathers them together and informs them that they are involved in a sort of Battle Royale in which the last survivor will take all and become the new God. Although this sort of storyline is fairly popular and has been done before (Battle Royale, Hunger Games...), Mirai Nikki adds a certain flair to the whole formula. As well as being an action-packed emotional rollercoaster with great psychological tension and some big plot twists along the way, it's also a Romeo and Juliet style love story in that Yukki and Yuno aren't really supposed to be fraternizing because one's always going to have to kill the other eventually. Unlike a lot of more mainstream animes, Mirai Nikki isn't afraid to slaughter your favourite character after lulling you into a false sense of security, and the knowledge that characters can actually stay dead (unlike D. Gray Man, for example) does make the whole story feel a lot faster-paced and more interesting. It's definitely worth a watch just for the story, especially if (like me) you love action and psychological thrillers. This is one of the better anime love stories I've seen as well - although they're extreme, the characters still seem somehow more human than your usual "Oh god she's wearing a short skirt I'll get a nose bleed and never talk to her other than when I bump into her and make her drop all of her stuff" rubbish. I didn't see the end coming, and I'd advise paying attention to who's who and what happens with each person, because although it's not TOO confusing, I did have a bit of trouble keeping track of what the hell was happening near to the end. Animation This is where (for me, at least) Mirai Nikki lets itself down a little. I like the essential art style and the colour schemes are nice (especially once Yukki loses that stupid hat); I found it very easy to watch for the most part and the artists have used shadowing and sillouhettes really well in some of the more threatening scenes. However, there are some very dodgy attempts at 3D-style graphics in the scenes involving Deus - I feel like they should have just left out that whole aspect. I think I can see what they were trying to do - God is 3D whilst the ordinary world is 2D - but it just didn't seem very well-executed. Another issue I had was the clumsy attempts to censor serious injuries; I can't give many examples here without spoiling some of the story; at one point somebody gets stabbed and there's really blocky censorship fuzz over the wound, which just takes away any realism or brutality for me. Overall, though, Mirai Nikki's animation is pretty good - those 2 issues are the only things that really bugged me whilst I was watching it. I particularly like the insane facial expressions some of the characters pull; if nothing else these writers and animators know exactly how to do 'nutcase'. Sound The voice acting for Yukki and Yuno was a bit off - I felt like I was watching a pair of really tall five year olds a lot of the time - but it wasn't unbearable by any means. Yuno's constant cries of "YUUUKKKIIIIII!!!" grated after a while and I really considered dropping the anime near to the middle because Yukki just kept wailing and screaming and crying all of the time, but he stopped doing it as much eventually. The other characters all have good voice actors, and even Yuno and Yukki's actors were good - the annoying mannerisms and high pitched squeals did actually suit the characters' personalities down to the grouns. It was mainly just an issue with my personal tastes - I really don't like anime characters who could genuinely be mistaken for babies if you weren't looking at the screen. A major good point for Mirai Nikki is the OT. Easily one of my all time favourite anime opening tracks (and the 2nd one is really good too) and the ending credit songs are also great. The 1st is the best in my opinion though... it really just captures the whole feel of the series. It sets the mood for a psychological thriller about such a twisted girl/relationship. Characters Character development was very good and I felt like I really understood the main characters once the anime was over. I grew very attached to Minene and Yuno; especially Minene. She was (weirdly) probably one of the more balanced characters in Mirai Nikki - she didn't have any specific obsessions, she was fairly a-moral and she had character depth and development all of the way through the series. Yukki drove me absolutely insane until about the last 5 episodes or so, but I get the impression that's intentional. I did keep wondering what on earth was drawing Yuno to him so much though; the series does sort of explain the whole situation but I still just think "Why Yukki, really?". Yuno was an incredibly difficult character to get my head around - I just couldn't decide if I loved her, hated her, pitied her or felt like she was just beyond help. Over time you do start to get your opinions a bit more defined but even now that I've finished the anime I still feel a little confused about whether that ending is good or another would have been better. TL;DR Mirai Nikki is a fast-paced psychological thriller which, if you're anything like me, will have you on the edge of your seat and not wanting to stop watching. There's a (twisted but still there) love story for those of you who like the emotional side of these stories and there's more than enough action to make up for it for those who don't. I would recommend this anime to most anime-watchers I know and I feel like it's a must-watch. Reccs *Death Note (this was the first anime that came to mind when I started watching Mirai Nikki. Gasai Yuno and Misa Amane bear more than a passing resemblance in their 'love' for Yukki and Light, and there's a running theme of wanting to become a God (albeit in different ways and for different purposes) which just makes these two anime series fit together for me) *Boogiepop Phantom (although I don't think there are any direct links between these two, I felt like the atmosphere in Boogiepop was similarly dark to that of Mirai Nikki) *C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control (although the players in this game fight with their minds, it still bears a decent enough resemblance to Mirai Nikki for people to enjoy them both)

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