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2011 - 2012
Fall 2011
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Yuki is a disaffected middle school boy who has no dreams or goals in life; in fact, the only thing he has is his diary. Writing down everything he observes and documenting every thought, the young boy uses it as an outlet for his imagination. One morning, however, Yuki wakes up to find his cell phone filled with diary entries for the next ninety days. Thinking nothing of it, he continues his morning until he begins to realize that everything on his phone is rapidly coming to pass, and it isn't just mere coincidence. Now, Yuki suddenly finds himself thrust into a survival game against other future diary owners to become the new Lord of Time.

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Mirai Nikki is a supernatural mystery / horror / survival regarding an antisocial boy named Yukiteru (Yuki henceforth) receiving from his imaginary friend a magic cell phone that has a diary with all his future actions. Thus in effect he knows the future and can be prepared for anything. At first he adores how he knows all the answers in the tests at school, or how he can avoid meeting the school bullies since he knows where they will be waiting for him. Things get soon out of hand, when he realizes there are more people with similar diaries, and that his imaginary friend is not so imaginary after all. Deus Ex Machina (lol the imaginary friend is like an internet God) prepared an “interesting game” as he calls it and gathered a dozen cell phone owners to participate in a death game where there can be only one remaining alive in the end. PLUSES 1) The premise is very interesting; you have a dozen people who must kill each other for a grand prize. It does not mean the outcome is foretold because they all know the future. Every time they change something, which was normally meant to happen, all their diaries are altering their entries to show the new outcome of each action after the change. Thus nobody actually knows who will survive or not; at best they are just prepared to change the future in case someone is ambushed by another player. Also, the diaries are NOT really predicting the future but rather mention the future impressions of their owners. So if the holder of a diary makes a wrong assumption about an event, then his entry will also be mistaken. This practically makes the story to feel a lot more tactical than it appears to be. Another gimmick is that initially nobody seems to know all the identities of the other participants, thus they can’t just gather in a warehouse and finish the whole thing in an hour. It will require some sort of strategy and mind games to outsmart each other. 2) Catchy main songs. 3) Yuno is a horny yandere. 99% of the people who liked the manga, it is only because of her. To hell with whatever the story is about; it has a pink-haired horny yandere in it that keeps doing ecchi stuff with the pussy protagonist! So let’s not kid ourselves; she is both the mascot and highlight of the whole series. Heck, the very introduction video shows mostly her and barely the protagonist or anyone else; they might as well call this show Yuno Diary. No one else in this show is close to being that interesting; they are all a basic stereotype and don’t improve later on. MINUSES Early on, I found several annoying features which ruin the interesting premise from episode 1. And no, I don’t need a magic cell phone to prophesize the future, nor to read the manga. It is all plain facts. 1) Nothing great in terms of animation / artwork. It is in all an average production and even has lots of scene follow-up errors.2) The songs are terrible if you don’t like j-pop; especially when it has high pitched female singers and stupid lyrics. And surely, outside the dynamic tunes the lyrics are EWWW! “Twelve Gods, One Two, Three, in Latin, English, and German to make it sound cool.”3) The directing is very sloppy; expected from Hosoda Naoto, a guy who only directs softporns and aimless goofball shows. Same for Studio Asread, which never made a proper show in its whole career; its roster is nothing but shitty ecchi shows and work assistance for equally shitty GONZO sci-fi shows. Oh, the irony in that name. “As read”? How about “Ass read”? Here are a few examples of what they did wrong.The transition from one scene to another happens fast and dry, which makes it feel amateurish and ruins the mood. - If someone dies and half a second later we see the hero doing something irrelevant half a city away, it kills all the gravity of the death. - If someone is shocked for half a second before he calms, then there is again no gravity given in his emotional state. - If some unimportant character is standing next to a major character on one scene, and in the immediate next scene he disappears into thin air, you are not made to think there is something going on beyond the noses of the protagonists. The rest of the world is like it doesn’t exist. The whole show is so myopic it would make Alfred Hitchcock to go kamikaze on their asses. The director did many typical newb mistakes and ruined everything. - He rushed to shoehorn as much plot as possible in each episode and the result is rushed development and oozing apathy. I hear how many people complained about the Kaiji anime having a slow pace and too stretched emotional outbursts. To all you naggers, I suggest you watch this anime and realize the error of your ways. Kaiji’s directing is awesome. This is not.- He used the Idiot’s Plot trope in its finest form and the viewer is supposed to think like a dumbass in order to enjoy the slightest detail. 4) The storyboard is retarded; I spotted a million inconsistencies, plot holes, and examples of bad scene transition but because of space restrictions I couldn't post them here but you can read them if you follow this link and open the spoiler tag at the bottom. The characters are pitiful. I know many who consider them great and developed but they are all Narutards so that explains it. Seriously, they are (beside one) pitiful and badly handled.  6) This is a death tournament anime and if you follow the latest shows then Fate/Zero kicks Mirai Nikki’s ass with one hand. Jeez you guys, don’t offer identical premises in the same season if you want it to sell. And to heck with that; this is not even presented as a situation where each one has to watch out for all rest. All the players target Yuki and he has to beat them all himself. They are even polite enough to wait in a line for their turn to come up. In the meantime, it’s like they don’t exist. That’s not much of a tournament if the participants are not separated into duals or they aren’t doing anything while someone else is trying to kill Yuki. Furthermore, it is not EVEN Yuki vs the World, since two of the other players joined his team and help him survive again and again instead of trying to win for themselves. Seriously, without them the hero would be killed a dozen times every day. So he only wins because he gangs up on his enemies, who are always working solo. What kind of a lame tournament is this? Does anyone even remember Battle Royal and how awesome that was?The show is clearly not smart or mature as it might wants you to think it is. It is basically another Eden of the East premise with Deadman Wonderland characters. And just for the record, both those shows were far more retarded than they wanted you to think they were. Mirai Nikki is a coo-coo show for people who like the Rule of Cool or can identify and sympathize with completely retarded and lame characters. Not recommended if you want to watch something smart and well-directed.And yes, there are thousands of people who are crazy over this show and claim it is the most intelligent thing after Albert Einstein. To them all I say “You are all retards” because the show easily enters the top ten of most stupid anime of all times. Seriously, do not believe all the good things they say about it because they are the usual BS people with no brain spread around and mislead newcomers to consider manure as bon fillet. It is a terrible show and by no means a good one. Other than laughing at its over-the-top retard level, that is. VERDICT: 3.5/10


Story The basic gist of Mirai Nikki is that God (or Deus) is dying and he needs to choose a successor; to do this he chooses a group of people and gives them 'future diaries' which hold various different properties (e.g. Random Diary; Investigation Diary; Picture Diary...). He then gathers them together and informs them that they are involved in a sort of Battle Royale in which the last survivor will take all and become the new God. Although this sort of storyline is fairly popular and has been done before (Battle Royale, Hunger Games...), Mirai Nikki adds a certain flair to the whole formula. As well as being an action-packed emotional rollercoaster with great psychological tension and some big plot twists along the way, it's also a Romeo and Juliet style love story in that Yukki and Yuno aren't really supposed to be fraternizing because one's always going to have to kill the other eventually. Unlike a lot of more mainstream animes, Mirai Nikki isn't afraid to slaughter your favourite character after lulling you into a false sense of security, and the knowledge that characters can actually stay dead (unlike D. Gray Man, for example) does make the whole story feel a lot faster-paced and more interesting. It's definitely worth a watch just for the story, especially if (like me) you love action and psychological thrillers. This is one of the better anime love stories I've seen as well - although they're extreme, the characters still seem somehow more human than your usual "Oh god she's wearing a short skirt I'll get a nose bleed and never talk to her other than when I bump into her and make her drop all of her stuff" rubbish. I didn't see the end coming, and I'd advise paying attention to who's who and what happens with each person, because although it's not TOO confusing, I did have a bit of trouble keeping track of what the hell was happening near to the end. Animation This is where (for me, at least) Mirai Nikki lets itself down a little. I like the essential art style and the colour schemes are nice (especially once Yukki loses that stupid hat); I found it very easy to watch for the most part and the artists have used shadowing and sillouhettes really well in some of the more threatening scenes. However, there are some very dodgy attempts at 3D-style graphics in the scenes involving Deus - I feel like they should have just left out that whole aspect. I think I can see what they were trying to do - God is 3D whilst the ordinary world is 2D - but it just didn't seem very well-executed. Another issue I had was the clumsy attempts to censor serious injuries; I can't give many examples here without spoiling some of the story; at one point somebody gets stabbed and there's really blocky censorship fuzz over the wound, which just takes away any realism or brutality for me. Overall, though, Mirai Nikki's animation is pretty good - those 2 issues are the only things that really bugged me whilst I was watching it. I particularly like the insane facial expressions some of the characters pull; if nothing else these writers and animators know exactly how to do 'nutcase'. Sound The voice acting for Yukki and Yuno was a bit off - I felt like I was watching a pair of really tall five year olds a lot of the time - but it wasn't unbearable by any means. Yuno's constant cries of "YUUUKKKIIIIII!!!" grated after a while and I really considered dropping the anime near to the middle because Yukki just kept wailing and screaming and crying all of the time, but he stopped doing it as much eventually. The other characters all have good voice actors, and even Yuno and Yukki's actors were good - the annoying mannerisms and high pitched squeals did actually suit the characters' personalities down to the grouns. It was mainly just an issue with my personal tastes - I really don't like anime characters who could genuinely be mistaken for babies if you weren't looking at the screen. A major good point for Mirai Nikki is the OT. Easily one of my all time favourite anime opening tracks (and the 2nd one is really good too) and the ending credit songs are also great. The 1st is the best in my opinion though... it really just captures the whole feel of the series. It sets the mood for a psychological thriller about such a twisted girl/relationship. Characters Character development was very good and I felt like I really understood the main characters once the anime was over. I grew very attached to Minene and Yuno; especially Minene. She was (weirdly) probably one of the more balanced characters in Mirai Nikki - she didn't have any specific obsessions, she was fairly a-moral and she had character depth and development all of the way through the series. Yukki drove me absolutely insane until about the last 5 episodes or so, but I get the impression that's intentional. I did keep wondering what on earth was drawing Yuno to him so much though; the series does sort of explain the whole situation but I still just think "Why Yukki, really?". Yuno was an incredibly difficult character to get my head around - I just couldn't decide if I loved her, hated her, pitied her or felt like she was just beyond help. Over time you do start to get your opinions a bit more defined but even now that I've finished the anime I still feel a little confused about whether that ending is good or another would have been better. TL;DR Mirai Nikki is a fast-paced psychological thriller which, if you're anything like me, will have you on the edge of your seat and not wanting to stop watching. There's a (twisted but still there) love story for those of you who like the emotional side of these stories and there's more than enough action to make up for it for those who don't. I would recommend this anime to most anime-watchers I know and I feel like it's a must-watch. Reccs *Death Note (this was the first anime that came to mind when I started watching Mirai Nikki. Gasai Yuno and Misa Amane bear more than a passing resemblance in their 'love' for Yukki and Light, and there's a running theme of wanting to become a God (albeit in different ways and for different purposes) which just makes these two anime series fit together for me) *Boogiepop Phantom (although I don't think there are any direct links between these two, I felt like the atmosphere in Boogiepop was similarly dark to that of Mirai Nikki) *C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control (although the players in this game fight with their minds, it still bears a decent enough resemblance to Mirai Nikki for people to enjoy them both)

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