Future Card Buddyfight

TV (64 eps)
2014 - 2015
Winter 2014
3.113 out of 5 from 305 votes
Rank #5,161
Future Card Buddyfight

Humans intermingle with beings from the parallel world of "Shinkinkai." The "Buddyfight" game chooses humans ("Buddyfighters") and partners them with Buddy Monsters from Shinkinkai, and the duo fight against other Buddyfighters. The battles in these games can sometimes even influence the fate of nations. Gaō Mikado is a sixth-year student at the "Aibo Academy" elementary division who longs to be a Buddyfighter and to be partnered with a Monster. One day Gaō notices a young boy being bullied by delinquents, and he helps him out using his Aiki-jujutsu skills. Drum Bunker Dragon, a Monster and the son of the hero of Dragon World, watches Gaō's actions, and decides to form a pact with him as his buddy.

Source: ANN

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Gao, Roars! image

Episode 1

Gao, Roars!

Gao vs. Tasuku! image

Episode 2

Gao vs. Tasuku!

Dancing with a Demon! image

Episode 3

Dancing with a Demon!

The Rules of Buddyfight! image

Episode 4

The Rules of Buddyfight!

Future Force Shines! image

Episode 5

Future Force Shines!

Rouga Aragami Attacks! image

Episode 6

Rouga Aragami Attacks!

Deck Building to Victory! image

Episode 7

Deck Building to Victory!

Break Past the Final Qualifier! image

Episode 8

Break Past the Final Qualifier!

The Stolen Dragon Deck! image

Episode 9

The Stolen Dragon Deck!

The Card of Heroes! image

Episode 10

The Card of Heroes!

The Start of the Aibo Buddy Cup! image

Episode 11

The Start of the Aibo Buddy Cup!

Power vs. Ninja Arts! A Fierce Competition! image

Episode 12

Power vs. Ninja Arts! A Fierce Competition!

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