Futakoi Alternative

Alt title: Twin Love 2

TV (13 eps)
3.338 out of 5 from 2,965 votes
Rank #3,912

Rentarou has been running the Futaba Detective Agency with the help of his twin assistants Sara and Soujyu since the previous man in charge, his father, died. To top it off most people in the neighborhood refer to him as Nidaime, a second generation man who lives in his father's shadow. His late father was a great man that was looked up to by everyone good or bad including Rentarou. With problems from his father's legacy presenting themselves, Yakuza that sometimes want him dead, a workplace/home that keeps getting destroyed and Sara and Soujyu's growing feelings for him, will he ever live up to his father?

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Sheex Jan 20, 2008
Score 7.7/10

Being a series predicated on the concept of a disgustingly large harem, I reluctantly picked up Futakoi Alternative with expectations for a mildly amusing girls-with-guns action flick.  Thankfully, I couldn't have been more wrong.  Despite an opening sequence that has absolutely nothing to do with the anime itself and a somewhat misconstrued first episode, Futakoi Alternative is... read more

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vivafruit Oct 14, 2009
Score 6.5/10

If there’s one thing I can credit Futakoi Alternative for, it’s for consistently surprising me; the show changes gears so rapidly throughout the 13 episodes that it’s basically impossible to predict what will happen next. Just when you think the show is running along the lines of some GAINAX tripfest, the series will abruptly switch to slice-of-life. The creators will wait a few episodes... read more

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