Funny Pets 2

TV (12 eps x 6 min)
Fall 2006
2.266 out of 5 from 80 votes
Rank #17,863
Funny Pets 2

Second season of Funny Pets.

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Story: How the hell did this shit get a second season? The first was supposedly kid-friendly but turned out to be a violent sadistic shitfest but sources tell me that this was on some late night porn show. Or a dirty, innuendo, sleazy boob fest that caters to the demented and criminal-minded. Origin aside, it's the same as before but with more violence, more sexual content, more creepy ass Moon and more retarded hijinks. A few examples as the review goes on but one involves a frog, musical sperm or offspring from some offscreen Frog/MP3 player action. And that first episode. Oh god. Fucking nightmares. Imagine the children! Nightmarish, believe you me. And the Moon episode that was about the Moon. ALL ABOUT THE MOON. I. Do not. Need. That. This season ramped up the creep factor 40 fold. But in it's defense, it had a happy ending, the best ending ever. I wept at the heartfelt and totally happy non-tragic ending of it. Oscar award right there. Or Grammy. And Golden Globe. Heck, Pulitzer prize right there! Doesn't make up for the episode about shit and cloud farts. That was stupid and outright creepy. In retaliation to the Juno award winner, the ending to the series was shit. The Moon shouldn't drive, high, drunk or sober. Animation: Thankfully the animation hasn't changed so it hasn't dug itself deeper into the waste-filled ooze of whence it came. Sound: Oh god. Oh my god it got worse. Before no one could speak and now they mostly can't speak. The exception is some dumbass frog who got run over who sang the most horrendous song. It's catchy like the black plague back then and it bleeds one's ears listening to it. And it goes on for a good part of the episode. Absolute shit. Otherwise, your ears are savagely ravaged with Funny's cry in the first episode. It stands out as sounding like someone punched a baby, quite accurately said by DrOrpheus. Baby punching is a low this show goes to. The voices otherwise are crap and for the Moon, balls creepy. It deserves a negative but it was so bad it bounced back to zero a tenth. Characters: Funny was as dumb as rocks in the first season but the second one a pile of shit outsmarts her. She fell in love and fed a picture cake and the Moon cuts it out and pastes it on his ugly mug. She believes that the picture is there and not the sadistic fuck behind the face. It is so damn obvious that my brain cells continued to commit suicide. Not only that but she gets her kicks out of smacking corpses and having other's kill. It's fucked up. But enough about her character devolution development. The Moon is the same creepy bastard as usual, the Sun is still the same sun-child pussy baby and the Gophers are the only redeeming factors of the show, with one having the guts to get into Moon's bed. Totally warranted on that part as the Moon acts like a douche at times. Why did it get lower despite having more retarded and asshole characters? The frog. Not only for what had to be some molestation on the Moon's part but mainly because of the song. I hate it as much as the Moon is a psychopath. Overall: Shit is a classy word that describes both seasons perfectly and it describes pretty much everything here. This improves in disimproving the first season and it ends up going backward somehow. It got worse. Way worse. Watch at your own risk and never alone. Better yet, don't. And why did it get a 1? It was so bad that- Oh, Popee got a 1. My bad.

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