Fumiko no Kokuhaku

Alt title: Fumiko's Confession

Web (1 ep x 2 min)
3.22 out of 5 from 1,785 votes
Rank #12,344

Fumiko, a timid school girl, shyly confesses her feelings for a boy named Takeshi. But rather than return the sentiments, he apologetically explains he needs to focus on baseball instead! Crying and embarrassed, Fumiko runs away down a hill – but she goes so fast, she can’t stop!

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Story- 7/10 You must be giving me the most incredulous look right now and wondering "How can she possibly give this such a high score for a story when there wasn't even three lines of dialogue?" The story is quick, simple, and completely easy to understand. It wasn't deep- not that it was trying to be. It wasn't tragic or dramatic or in any way a serious, thought provoking look at love. It was just a goofy little short about a girl who gets turned down in favour of baseball. It's not an original story, really. Nor does it add anything to the romance genre. It would never qualify as a must-see anime for fans of romantic comedies. It's just fun, and that's all it tries to be. What matters is the execution of the plain-jane of a story- just a quick, fun watch of little impact. Animation- 9/10 It's not got the same style as every other anime out there, and I just love that kind of show! Why do you think I'm still desperate to watch "Fuujin Monogatari" even though I've never found a subbed stream? The animation style is a perfect fit for the anime- it's quick, simple, and fun! The animation itself is smooth, presumably CG, but very bright and cute. The houses and buildings are just adorable and the scenery is beautifully cartoonish. Sound- 10/10 The soundtrack is half the humor of the show. Considering the music is supposed to enhance the mood of whatever you're watching, that means it's pretty well suited. The voice acting is, like the rest of the show, fast and funny. The lines are very blunt which just adds to the laughs. I didn't hear enough to decide if the VA's were good or not. Considering there's only a few lines of dialogue that shouldn't be a problem (unless you can't stand a bit of incomprehensible screaming.) Characters- 6/10 I am not sure how to score the characters. They aren't even one-dimensional- all we learn about them is that Fumiko loves Takashi and Takashi loves baseball. By that logic, they never do anything that would contradict their characters, but really we know next to nothing about them. There's obviously no character development and we never really have to decide if we love or hate them. It is a two minute video, so they're good to laugh with for the duration of the show, but you won't remember them for years to come. Overall- 8/10 If you haven't guessed by now, I'm scoring this as what it is- a two minute web video. If you're looking for something groundbreaking and thought provoking then my scores mean nothing. However, if you're looking for a quick laugh or some comic relief after a marathon of dramatic romances (or just about anything.) look no further. Fumiko no Kokuhaku is a fun, quick, hilarious short that you will enjoy only if you're looking for something fun, quick, and hilarious.

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