Fumiko no Kokuhaku

Alt title: Fumiko's Confession

Web (1 ep x 2 min)
3.153 out of 5 from 1,655 votes
Rank #4,785

Fumiko, a timid school girl, shyly confesses her feelings for a boy named Takeshi. But rather than return the sentiments, he apologetically explains he needs to focus on baseball instead! Crying and embarrassed, Fumiko runs away down a hill – but she goes so fast, she can’t stop!

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Bronia's avatar
Bronia Feb 17, 2013
Score 8/10

Story- 7/10
You must be giving me the most incredulous look right now and wondering "How can she possibly give this such a high score for a story when there wasn't even three lines of dialogue?" The story is quick, simple, and completely easy to understand. It wasn't deep- not that it was trying to be. It wasn't tragic or dramatic or in any way a serious, thought provoking look at love. It was... read more

yelizaveritas's avatar
yelizaveritas Dec 10, 2010
Score 8/10

It lasts for only 2 mins 22 seconds. It's really hard to say anything that makes sense - because Fumiko no Kokuhaku definitely is not about sense, deep feelings and all that. Story is as simple as a hamster - it's cute, yet very sudden. It starts with a girl's confession to a boy she likes. He says no - and she starts to run. And run. And even more run. And soon she just can't stop making her - very fast... read more



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