Fuma no Kojirou: Yasha-hen

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Fuma no Kojirou: Yasha-hen

Hakuo Gakuin is on the verge of closing down due to students transferring to rival school Seishikan after mysterious injuries happening to students who refuse to transfer. To protect the school and its students they hire Kojiro, a member of the Fuma clan of ninjas. After finding out that Seishikan has enlisted the help of the Yasha ninja clan, who had been rivals with the Fuma for generations, Kojiro gains the help of his fellow Fuma ninjas. Even though they are hired to protect the schools, the two rival clans vow to destroy each other once and for all so that only one clan remains.

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Saint Seiya!!!, no kidding, here we are going to see a lot of Saint Seiya stuff. Plot The Hakuo academy is constantly being attacked by the Seishikan academy. The Seishikan is being protected by the Yasha clan. The Hakuo school ask help to Kojirou, a member of the Fuma clan. This clans are some sort of warriors or shinobi. All this rivarly between academies will develop life or death combats like Basilisk. Characters Fuma Clan Kojirou: main character, he does looks like Seiya, he fights with a kendo sword.Skill Fuma Whirlind.  Ryuho: the tallest with more physical strengh. Ryoma: a psychic warrior, he has only one eye. Kirikaze: he controls the mist and can create illusions. Kou: he controls the feathers, he use white feathers like the nebula chain of shun to defend himself, he has blue feathers to attack, red feathers to attack, and a black feather to hit enemy heart (Aphrodite of Piscis copy). Shoryu: twin brother of Kou, he has the same skills as Kou. Rimpyo: a skilled sword Kendo fighter. Kabutomaru: a sword Kendo fighter Reira: he controls flower petals and fire. His face is similar to Mu of Aries. Hakuo Academy Ranko Yagyu: martial arts teacher of the school, she is very good with the whip. She seems similar to Saori a bit. Himeko Hojo: the princess of the Hakuo Academy. Seishikan Academy Musashi Asuka: Ikki of Fenix or similar to it, is main antagonist, he is a psychic warrior, and his main skill is the Fire Dragon (like Shiryu, even the sound of the dragon is equal to the sound of the dragon og Saint Shiryu). Erina Asuka: younger sister of Musashi. She is sick, and is in the hospital. Yasha Clan Kosuke Mibu: ice attack!!,is the first skill used, I felt like what?, no kidding , his attack is very similar to Hyoga diamond dust. Princess Yasha: the main leader of the Yasha clan The 8 Yasha Shogun Raiden: master of thunder. (cof cof mortal combat, cof cof) Anki: he is blind, psychic and illusions attacks don´t work on him. Yosui: he use sharp chains as weapons. Shiranui: he controls fire. Shien: he also controls fire. Kurojishi: he is a gigant, of 3 man tall, and 1 man wide, horrible design. Byakko: he is fast, he has the skill to hide, is a kendo sword fighter. He can disguise as other persons. Kagero: he is a kendo sword fighter. Chapters Score Chapter 1: The wind clan, Kojiro appears. Score 3/5 Worst episode, because in this episode, bases are bad builded, no skills used, so we think everything will be normal, and normal kendo figthing. And what is worst, they are going to a life or death battle for a very cheap reason, academy rivalry, in the next episodes when they fight till death with those super power skills, you literally forgot why all this started. Ranko Yagyu recruits Kojirou to defend her school, and the first serious combat starts Kojirou Vs Kosuke Mibu. Chapter 2: Thunders of Wood. The Sword of Hao Hiryu. Score 3/5 Kojirou vs Kosuke continue... Do you think you can beat me using the same techniche twice? Yup Saint Seiya cliche. Then Musashi Asuka enters, a bit of this a bit of that. And the rest goes to chapter 3. Chapter 3: Meeting in the Flames. The 8 Shogun of Yasha clan. Score 5/5 So the 8 Shogun of Yasha clan appears, and also some of the Fuma clan members. In this chapter Ko will fight against members of the Yasha clan. Now we can see what was this about, a Basilisk recipe, but this is older than that. Chapter 4: Illusion in the mountain. Assassin in the mist. Score 5/5 Here we will see Kirikaze vs Yasha members. "All your senses will be attacked by the storm bolts". more Saint Seiya stuff, null the senses...  Chapter 5: Rage dance. The mortal mirrow of Fuma. Score 5/5 No more mouse and cat games, the remaining shinobi / warrior/ what ever, will meet at one place to have 1v1 battles till end. In this chapter we will see Ryoma giving his best. Musashi vs Ryoma, psychic vs psychic. Chapter 6: The snowing stops. The voice that is calling the warrior. Score 3.5/5 Lets add more stuff, saint swords, so we will see the Furinkanzan and the Ongonken, very, very overpowered swords, and this really sinks the plot. Because I have "this sword", I am all powerfull. "The power of a saint sword is similar to the power of God" Kojirou of clan Fuma. And now we can see the final expected battle, Ikki vs Seiya, sorry I mean Musashi vs Kojirou. The ending is very good. Music and sound Intro is slow melodic rock with male singer. Ending is fast rock with male singer. Background battles tends to be slow instrumental rock. Chapters tittles are anounced with trumpet and drum. It has the taste of Saint Seiya format. Animation Is ok, the dragon skill was similar to Saint seiya. The gigant design was crap. Some faces similar to Saint Seiya characters. And for some reason there is an aura burning like cosmo, even if they didn`t give a name to it, more Saint Seiya. Critic Many things feels like copied or very similar to other sagas.  The first chapter wich explains the reason of conflict is bad and weak. Also is no good to relate this story with modern schools, like really, you are going to kill a school student? thats a crime! There were many characters we couldn´t even learn their skills, and they got killed in one hit, and 2 characters didn`t fight. It deserves the 3/5 for the effort, it worth to be watched, some battles are cool,some ideas were good like the twin brothers, that was a good execution. Kirikaze also had a good spin. But the overall plot feels rushed.

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