Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

TV (12 eps)
4.149 out of 5 from 1,985 votes
Rank #897

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Zero Hour image

Episode 1

Zero Hour

Damage Control image

Episode 2

Damage Control

Big One Percent image

Episode 3

Big One Percent

On My Own image

Episode 4

On My Own

Intermission image

Episode 4.5


Welcome to the Jungle image

Episode 5

Welcome to the Jungle

Rotten Repose image

Episode 6

Rotten Repose

Giant Killing image

Episode 7

Giant Killing

One-Man Force image

Episode 8

One-Man Force

Intermission 2 image

Episode 8.5

Intermission 2

The Fallen Witch image

Episode 9

The Fallen Witch

Onward, Onward image

Episode 10

Onward, Onward

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