Fruits Basket the Final

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honestly this show was amazing in everyway. the character development was great, the ending really embodied everything i wanted (and hopefully others too). this show gave so much to me and honestly when i first started watching this show i was not ready for the emotional rollercoster that was Fruits Basket. it is trully sad saying good bye to this amazing show and i will miss it soo much. If you want more fruits basket read Fruits Basket Another, manag series staring their kids. -spoilers- (imma rant about the show a little) with kyo and tohru togehter it really gave me the happiness and peace of mind that they are together and both free from their past and yet they accept each others past, present, and future self.  yuki and machi, yuki finally found someone that accepts him and machi finding someone that understands her in almost everyway.  having akito grow and shigure confess to her.  rin and hatsuharu can be together with out consequences from the main family.  kisa and hiro can now grow their friendship and later maybe into something more, hiro can now be with his family and not have to worry about transforming.  kureno and arisa can be happy and kureno can finally live away from akito and the main house. mayuko and hatori is something that i was really looking forward to, and now hatori is finally able to love someone again after everything with cana. mine and ayame are so cute and i was sooo happy to see them together. mitsuri and ritsu are a couple i didnt know i wanted to see but now that i have its the cutest thing ever and im so happy for them. hanajima is a little confussing with me because i cant tell if she is dating kazuma or not but it lead to a funny ending. the only thing im worried about is kagura, we didnt get much on her and i hope shell be ok because kyo is now gone. also i was wondering what happened to ren sohma, because now that akitos better and everyone is free im not sure what shes going to do. the ending credits was awesome because of the amount of things that were now on the mantal. but it hurt not to hear the little rigs at the end when they would say the title of the episode.

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