Fruits Basket 1st Season

Fruits Basket 1st Season Episode 10 - It’s Valentine’s, After All

Shigure does some serious scheming while Kagura, Kyo, Yuki, and Tohru all go on a double date.

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See You After School image

Episode 1

See You After School

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Episode 2

They’re All Animals!

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Episode 3

Let’s Play Rich Man-Poor Man!

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Episode 4

What Year Is She?

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Episode 5

I’ve Been Fooling Myself

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Perhaps We Should Invite Ourselves Over

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Episode 7

Spring Comes

See You When You Get Back image

Episode 8

See You When You Get Back

Yuki Was My First Love image

Episode 9

Yuki Was My First Love

It’s Valentine’s, After All image

Episode 10

It’s Valentine’s, After All

This Is a Wonderful Inn image

Episode 11

This Is a Wonderful Inn

You Look Like You’re Having Fun image

Episode 12

You Look Like You’re Having Fun

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knoxyal knoxyal says

MCs share a similar background (loss of family and finding a new one). Both are heart warming. You get the same amount of healing effect from both shows. 

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They both have a very soft and fluid animation style. They storylines are similar because overtly they are positive and silly but have some underlying tension, while remaining over all feel-good.

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Schuplik Schuplik says

Both heroines in the beginning lose their family and subsequently their home. They are then sheltered by supernatural beings. The stories are mixture of comedy, romance and specs of mythology. 

Bluebaron15 Bluebaron15 says

Just about the same plot and tone.  Nice Date anime.  Kids found it a little to mushy.

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1st of all i'm a new member so please take care of me frnds if i write somthing wrong. I also want to recommend diabolok lovers,kamisama kiss blood+ . I like these coz they are all revers haram and all are good