From the New World

Alt title: Shin Sekai Yori

TV (25 eps)
2012 - 2013
Fall 2012
4.338 out of 5 from 12,849 votes
Rank #361

One thousand years from now, humanity live pastoral lives aided by psychokinetic powers and the subservient Monster Rats. Saki Watanabe has just come of age, and her power has been reined in through meditation and hypnosis. She joins the Unified Class, where she will learn about her power and the world around her; yet so much of the truth is kept hidden. Her friends Shun, Mamoru, Satoru, and Maria share in her curiosity, and decide to go out of their way to seek the truth. But will the secrets of the past and present turn out to be things that Saki really wants to know?

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The Season of New Leaves image

Episode 1

The Season of New Leaves

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Episode 2

The Vanishing Children

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Episode 3

The False Minoshiro

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Episode 4

Bloody History

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Episode 5

Pursuit on a Hot Night

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Episode 6


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Episode 7

Summer Darkness

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Episode 9

The Rising Wind

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Episode 10

More than the Darkness

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Episode 11

Distant Thunder in Winter

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Episode 12

Weak Link

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Skylos's avatar
Skylos Mar 28, 2013
Score 9.8/10

Huaha. I promised myself I would write a review after letting my giddiness simmer down. So! Here I am, doing exactly that. Still a bit giddy, though. Well then! Story: 9.7/10 With the original author's imagination and seemingly plausible scientific facts coupled with the direction and pacing of the series, the show pulled this off with aplomb. I must admit, I was kind of worried when this started, because... read more

StevenSAKUJO's avatar
StevenSAKUJO May 5, 2013
Score 5.5/10

Story: [6.5/10] Shinsekai Yori has an amazing start, the first 7 episodes are magical and intense, beautiful and stunning. While it's drop off point is earlier than others, it too suffers from a problem in anime where the story goes off quite quickly. The story takes several turns and so it's hard to give an overall synposis but since there isn't one provided by AP... Shinsekai Yori is set in a small village... read more

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