Freezing Vibration

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2013
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Satellizer el Bridget and some of the most powerful – and desirable – Pandoras in the world are summoned to a secret base in the wilds of Alaska.​ These gorgeous warriors arrive primed for battle,​ but they soon discover the true purpose for their presence: to assist the clandestine Chevalier organization in forging a new breed of soldier - E-Pandoras! Once normal girls,​ these eager beauties volunteered to have their bodies genetically enhanced in order to join the fight against the deadly alien invaders plaguing the planet.​ But there's more to becoming a superhuman battle vixen than tattered uniforms and sultry slugfests.​ Rumors of heinous experimentation haunt the E-Pandora project,​ and only Satellizer and her loyal companion Kazuya can unravel the mystery before it's too late!

Source: Funimation

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This is more of the same of what season one was except now there are new more dangerous adversaries and a new competitor to the pandoras.  Honestly, it has even more needless violence, gore, bloodshed, frivolous panty shots and shots of undressed girls and girl parts, and sexual situations.  Though it was hinted at in season one, you actually see the monster brother in this season.  He is the single worst character in the series and the one most deserving of punishment if not death.  Though, I would love to see him ripped to shreds a few times over and over.  it is even more disturbing because now he is confronted but again, she doesn't seem to react to a abusive rapist the way almost every woman on Earth, is likely to react.  The entire story arc is so unrealistic.  It would be far more believable if she turned him in, or stabbed him when he tries to see her at night.  He is a character everyone will love to hate and watch get mauled to death in compensation for his disturbing sins.  I am puzzled too because both Bridget and the new victim of her sick brother's abuse are powerful pandoras and way more powerful than that sadistic twerp so why would they take that abuse from such a worthless and screwed up individual?  And worse, why don't his family give a crap about what kind of freak he is?  Maybe they are as sick and twisted as that mistake of nature is.  Such vomit inducing things make people want to tune out more than tune in.  Sure crap like that happens, and you can develop Stockholme syndrome, however this is a story and if such a thing were part of it, it should be made clear and included.  That would be the only reason why however she still talks to that creep at all as far as I can tell.  I wonder if that is something against the US.  Not withstanding that slight jab at the US, the whole thing done in Alaska is so far from what America is, that it would be more believable it would happen by the smurfs on the moon.  It might be possible some rogue nut case gets away with that on a small scale but that is not what happens in Alaska and it is pretty clear even early on if anyone has a modicrum of observational skill that something is wrong there.   The idea of human experimentation or treating humans as objects, slaves, or tools is completely antiAmerican way and to see it so brazenly done there even in a story sort of reaks of fantasy quite over the top beyond realistic.  Then again, if the setting were an America taken over by some other force or some alternate history it might be somewhat more plausible.  It is pretty clear even early on, it is not the American way by how the girls are sent there and then treated even if you knew nothing else about it.  I know again we are expected a certain suspension of disbelief but there are somethings so far beyond belief, it sort of removes you from that fantasy alltogther and thus the reverse effect.  That is the case here.  Though things do turn out well eventually, sort of, the other erroneous thing is the Ms. Mangle doctor running things and even stranger what happens to her after all that.  Work with the devil much?   Going back, one might wonder, how can only pandoras do any damage and nothing else?  It would sure help the story fill out a bit better and create a stronger foundation if that was clarified a tad bit more.  Just saying things that don't make sense with an established world or reality and expecting it to work in a story without nothing to support it is sure expecting alot from your audience.  I think it is a bit odder even that things humans do can create more of them.  It sure implies something about what and who they are yet that is not explored.  Then again, are we to believe based on the creatures that come from that world, that it only has females?   While I might not expect all answered or riddles or mysteries initiated by the story in season one, I would certainly expect more answered resolved by season to so that the story can build upon itself with good footing.  By leaving the viewers hanging with so many strange questions, mysteries, and secrets unresolved will make most of us lost interest as if you were a mean dog owner who constantly teased animals but never gave the snack to the creature.  We eventually expect the snack.  I want more to nibble on and not more freaking mysteries to arise which occurs here.  Plus, perhaps more than season one, characters are introduced only to die off soon after like some kind of shooting gallery at a carnival.  I like characters who matter and stick around long enough to know more than just their appearance and name.   Kazuya's family expands in season two but that only broadens the gap in keeping interest since it indroduces alot more questions than answers on top of all the others still hanging from season one and all the numerous ones added in season two.  It feels too much like the studio behind the series wants to keeps us in the dark about what we are watching.  And they want to constantly dangle prizes before our eyes but never let us be rewarded.  There is a giant dramatic battle and more tragedy.  Season two in fact is filled with almost nothing but one tragedy after another and a huge bloody and gory body count.  Ya know, if say Kazuaya had some secret or hidden op power or ability that might say balance all that violence out, that would be something and might save the show.  It lacks a certain balancing element and sense of reward for all the episodes watched over both seasons.  And one possible solution would be the still undiscovered yet strongly implied extra power abilities of Kazuya.  Others might be his other aunts and cousins who appear later.  I would rather have seen maybe a draw or a retreat here and there than the fight to the death crap every freaking time.  It lacks that variety.  They are one trick ponies.   Gore, violence, blood, body count, panty shot, sexual situation, stripped girls, repeat.  That is pretty much what the show is.  There is a lack to creative story construction within the promising but unfulfilled idea of the story and its plot.  It is thin because it is not hashed out fully and it is muddied by complete frivolous and useless garbage that does nothing for the story.  Sure you can add some and all but when the story is soo clouded with so much then where is the story?  Doesn't it get left behind? Again, if you are daring, it might be worth watching a few episodes and if really daring the season but I would not watch it a second time.  


Allright. It's been a while since I've done something like this so bear with me as I try to find my way again.I did quite a lot of them in the past on a different website which you can find here: ....They probably aren't very good though but please do stop by if you have the time and inclination. Originally the site was for writers, mostly original but also fanfiction. Also I'm Dutch so there will be spelling errors. If you find them annoying give me a shout and I'll try to fix them. Oh, I will try to keep spoilers to a minimum but there will be some. Usually the worse I rate an anime the more spoilers this will contain. You have been warned So, you have probably already read what the animation is about in the discription given by Anime-Planet, which is the same as on the box. I will therefore try not go into the story that much unless I'm ranting about something (spoilers). ART: I must admit that regardless of content the anime looks amazing. Action scenes are smooth and characters are easily identifiable. Try as I might I can find nothing wrong here. SOUND: Like the art there is little to complain here. Special effects are good and the music didn't really bother or stood out to me. Voice acting was adequate but the actors didn't have much to do in terms of acting with characters going into combat at the drop of a hat. CHARACTERS: Main character is Kazuya who decides to join West Genetics and become a limiter for a Pandora. A limiters job is to support the Pandora in her fight against the mysterious Nova. Kazuya is a fairly typical main character who is terribly naive, way to trusting and always comes up for his ideals. Satellizer el-Bridget is also called the untouchable queen in that she pretty much destroys any who oppose her or touch her. The only exception is Kazuya and she eventually agrees to take him as her limiter Of course no triangle is complete without a third member and enter Rana Lichen. Initially from Tibet she joins WG in order to learn more about her Pandora abilities and immediately falls for Kazuya upon arriving. Luis el-Bridget is Satellizers' younger brother and although not much in the anime he deserves special mention here. Upon meeting him it is clear that this is one very sick fuck and that Satellizer is terrified of him. His arc in the anime almost made me rage quit. You have been warned. STORY: Alright in the first season review I mentioned that Pandora are a rare and valuable commodity in the fight against Nova. In this arc scientists are doing something about this. They have found a way to turn girls who failed the Pandora test to become artificial Pandora through nanomachines and implants. A large number of natural Pandora are send over and help produce a line of artificial Pandora that are equal to the naturals. Understood? Good, now here is where it (again) gets tricky. Natural born Pandora are still very rare and very few decide to become Pandora so finding a way to create artificial Pandora is actually pretty good. Unfortunately here is where is hits a bump. This sort of research takes decades with many many testing phases before human trials become possible. Here they started with human trials and it is heavily implied that many girls died during the process. I do not care how powerful an organisation is running the facility the second they come out people will demand to see data. Much can be thrown under the header of classified but reporters aren't stupid and neither is the medical community. One look at the data that is released and shit will hit the fan with everyone exposed as monsters for human experimenting. Public opinion will turn and you are in a huge pile of trouble. That this doesn't happen here is an insult to the viewer but for the sake of the story I will overlook it for now and continue on. As the series progresses and the dead start to pile on it becomes clear for the other E-Pandora that the enhancers aren't really working as they should. In an effort to boost the power of their current system they get injected with a new type of nano machine. While this greatly increases their power it also kills them slowly untill they turn into a Nova like being. Yes, you read that correctly. The organisation tasked with fighting Nova is actually turning people into Nova in their effort to artificially create artificial Pandora. Considering the huge danger that Nova's represent and that a large number of actual Pandora die fighting them one fails to see the logic of this method. Even more amazing is that the management expects the test subjects to take this lying down. I almost laughed my ass off when the one girl who questioned it was brusquely told that she had no choice as she had signed a document that led them do as they pleased. No legal document exists nor will it ever exist as this basically amounts to slavery which is highly frowned upon by everyone else in the world. The swift and correct answer would be to tell them to shove said piece of paper where the sun does not shine. Signature included. Actual administration of the drug will probbaly go something like this: scientist "So I'm going to give you a shot now that will temporarily boost your power before turning you into a Nova slowly and painfully, ok?" Subject "Sure, give me the needle and I'll shove it up your ass myself, ok?" It is therefore not really surprising that they rebel with intent on kicking major butt along the way. The natural Pandora are neatly split in the middle with one group helping the E Pandora while another follows orders and try to stop them. Again because they signed a contract. I do not care what your contract says, if you are told to commit acts of crimes against humanity there is NO CONTRACT THAT LETS YOU GET AWAY WITH IT! Take it from the Germans who tried this after WWII ended by stated that they were only following orders. They got tried and hung untill death for their share because there simply no excuse for this sort of crimes. So as expected one of the E Pandora goes Nova, shit hits the fan, world is almost destroyed and many Pandora are killed before things are under control. Bad guys are arrested and I'm banging my head on the desk frustrated by the massive amounts of stupidity. The End. I will recommend this for fans of the genre only. If you don't like this then stay far far away from it. Please let there not be a season 3.


Freezing Vibration pretty much picks up where season 1 left off. And I was looking forward to this one because of how intense the first season was. The premise is 5 of the girls from last season head to Alaska to study the E-Pandora. So, naturally I was expecting another season with great storytelling and some good old action. However it did not live up to expectations. Most of the storytelling is limp, with the three arcs pretty much shoved in against each other, like an impact wisdom tooth. The first arc is the E-Pandora arc, which had really nothing wrong with it. Amelia had a solid backstory and the premise was pretty promising, but then things went downhill once the Siblings arc came into play. It was arguably the biggest offender as it felt so forced in that it was almost filler. This arc was dull, bland and did little to impact the story unlike it's manga counterpart. It fell apart in seconds and got worse as it went on. Then came the third arc, which was the 11th Nova Clash which if you haven't stopped watching already will be a big letdown. It's flimsy and it's predictable. Oh and it lasts 5 episodes, making it so padded out that you'll be wishing that Kazuya's fear of Satellizer being decapitated actually came true. It tries to make you give a shit about Amelia, but she does less rebelling and more moping. The rest of the cast don't help either, each one is placed in some stiff battle with more talking than actual fighting (seriously it's like 90% taunting and 10% actual action). So unless you're a die hard Freezing fan, I really wouldn't recommend this to anyone. As much as I liked season 1 (as silly as it was) I didn't like this season.  Final Rating - 2 out of 5 Pros *Good Animation *Amelia's Character Development Cons *Poor Execution *Stretches itself thin at the end *Mawkish moments (and a lot of them) *Useless, unneeded characters

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